Watermelon is a main fruit in summer, the sweet and juicy watermelon contains abundant mineral salt and various vitamins. Make sorbet with watermelon would add cool sorbets with light watermelon fragrance, crystal pink color and “snow slush” look catch your eyes and make your bites great to heart.


Watermelon sorbet


The way of making watermelon sorbet is very simple, you can learn it quickly. Now I introduce you two ways of making watermelon sorbet, thus hope to enlighten you to make more delicious watermelon sorbet.

Main ingredients: watermelon<better choose seedless/white seed watermelon>, sugar or honey or condensed milk, ice cubes

Method one:

1.Using a spoon, scoop out watermelon pulps
2.Put watermelon fleshes into a blender, mash them into watermelon juice
3.Filter white seeds<using a spoon for assist, squeeze watermelon mashes for extracting juice>
4.Put watermelon juice into preservation box, freeze in the refrigerator
5.Stir every 2 hours, until all the watermelon juice turns to ice crystals, mix with a spoon
6.Pour pinch honey or condensed milk when eating

Method two:

1.Take the pulps and go seed of watermelon, cut into little cubes, freeze directly for over 4 hours
2.Take it out and put into the blender to mash into sorbet, pour pinch condensed milk or honey


1.Due to the sweetness would fade by freezing, when following the method one, you can add pinch sugar in the blending procedure, by which way you can omit the last step of pouring honey or condensed milk on the sorbet
2.You can make sorbet according to you own favorite, add some sugar snap peas or other ingredients would give you a better flavor with more health value