Nothing is better than self-made ice cream which is more healthier than the ice cream you bought from the dessert shops! For the ingredients we choose are the most fresh and healthy ones.

Mango ice cream

Mango ice cream


Egg yolks 3
Caster sugar 175g
Milk 400ml
Whipping cream 250ml
Vanilla extract 2.5ml
Mango mashes 280g
Lemon juice 25g
Pinch of salt

1. 3 egg yolks, 130g caster sugar and 400ml milk into a milk pot, mix until well incorporated
2.Heat milk pot with slow fire and keep stirring until the liquid in milk pot is going to boil, remove the heat instantly
3.Quickly pour all of the whipping cream, and mix well, then, add vanilla extract and pinch of salt, let cool utterly
4.Remove the stones of the mangoes and weight, put them into the food processor, until the mango fleshes are totally mashed, add lemon juice and the rest 45g caster sugar, stir well, put it into the fridge, refrigerate for an hour
5.After the mixture of step 3 is totally cooled down, pour the mango mashes into it and whip it with an egg beater
6.Put the well-whipped ice cream liquid into the fridge for freezing
7.After ice cream liquid begins to freeze, take it out, and whip it with an electric egg beater, and put it into the freezer again. Take out for whipping one time each half an hour
8.Whip for at least 4 times, and freeze the ice cream

1 whether to make out smooth and fine ice cream, it relies on the whipping course in the freezing time. As we know that ice cream would become hard ice cubes if we do not whip but directly freeze. The aim to whip is to prevent ice cream from shaping big ice cubes. And another aim is to mix the ice cream with air in the whipping course, so that the ice cream would become more bulky with a lighter taste. The times and frequencies to whip are decided by actual situations, the more you whip, the longer time you whip, the taste of ice cream would be more light and fine. If you feel it is so bothering, please whip at least 4 times.
2.If condition permits, I suggest you to divide ice cream liquid into several parts. For the freezing time is more less, moreover, the faster the more difficult to shape large ice cubes. Certainly, the bad side is that we shall whip more frequently
3.Make sure to hold the heat when boiling the egg yolks and milk with a milk pot, do not over cook. And better pour the whipping cream instantly to cool down the temperature, avoid of heating by the swelter
4.Directly pour the whipping cream, need no whipping of the whipping cream ahead of time. Because the egg yolk/milk mixture is watery, the whipping cream is difficult to be mixed with even if whipped. Moreover, it is no need to pre-whip whipping cream for in the course of freezing ice cream whipping, it is enough to make the ice cream expand
5.Add pinch of salt would make ice cream more tasty, but notice to add pinch, do not add too much
6.To make the ice cream, I suggest you do not reduce the sugar in recipe, for the ice cream would not be smooth and fine like normal ice cream if the sugar content is less in ice cream that you make
7.If you want to make original <vanilla flavor> ice cream, just leave alone the mangoes in recipe, and the sugar and lemon juice in mango mashes can be omitted too. And add egg yolks to 5, and the other ingredients are as usual