Although Macarons is high in sugar content, but when I think of the cute, plump and chubby Macarons, I’ve utterly surrendered! Can’t help tasting every flavor of macarons, see, I’ve made another macarons!


~~~Violet Lavender Macarons~~~

Violet lavender macarons
Like mini hamburger, but yet not the same in taste, while the spring color of macarons really attracts me so much, its brittle shells and dense soft inside make me crazy!

Now it’s time for lavender! It’s the harvest time of the whole year for lavender! Walk into the England countryside where a large lavender field is spreading in front of you, absorb the fragrance of lavender and throw yourself into the wildness of nature. Pick up the lavender for making essential oil, make-ups, perfume…and making pastries.

After the journey to the farm in England countryside, I somehow received “baptism”! A new I was found in me, and I think my pastry skill should reborn brilliantly! LOL…

So here I’ve got place to rock and roll!

~~~Violet Lavender Macarons~~~

Violet lavender macarons2
Ingredients: 60gr almond powder, 65gr powdered sugar, 50gr egg white, 40gr caster sugar, 2 droplet vanilla extract, 5gr dried lavender flower, 1 droplet violet food coloring
1.Sift the almond powder and put it into the refrigerator for using, ground the dried lavender flower into powder, sift
2.Add egg white per 3 times and whip to a foam, meanwhile add caster sugar and vanilla extract, fastly stir
3.Add a half almond powder and powdered sugar, mix until no lump
4.Add the left almond powder and powdered sugar, mix well, scoop up the paste for 15 times or so with a knife until it’s smooth and unbroken
5.Add lavender powder and mix, then put it into the round mouth pastry bag, squeeze out the same size round shapes on the ovenware
6.Leave it to dry, until the surface shapes a shell(you can use an electric fan to help with dry)
7.Preheat the oven to 338F, bake for 2-3 minutes, wait until the “lace” comes out, and open the oven, cover it with silver paper, and turn the heat into 302F, bake for 8-10 minutes
8.Let cool, take out the macarons, wrap it with your favorite cream or chocolate

Seal it into the freezer, will keep for a whole week.

Lavender is ripe, how much I want to steal the harvest time to store in my backyard so that I could have a whole year’s lavender to appreciate and make use of. These days I am busy to harvest the lavender, so that I will have many many lavender macarons, lavender cakes, lavender puffs, lavender…to eat. I could laugh out in my sweet dream.^^