This dessert pudding I’ve been made 7-8 times in recent two weeks, and I have to say that if you are in sweet love river now, don’t miss it! If you are expecting love, don’t miss it! Or if you have experienced what is love, don’t miss it!

Caramel pudding

Caramel pudding

For the pudding liquid:

Milk 250g
Caster sugar 50g
Eggs 2<100g>
Pinch vanilla extract

1.Milk and caster sugar into a bowl, heat over water and keep stirring, until the caster sugar is melted, let coo of milk, until it’s not scald
2.Add eggs into milk, whip it with an egg beater and mix
3.Sift 2-3 times of the pudding liquid, add pinch vanilla extract, half an hour’s standing

For the caramel:

Caster sugar 75g
Water 20ml

4.Add sugar and water into a pan, heat with medium fire
5.Bring the sugar water to boil, keep stewing with medium fire, at this time sugar will melt in the water, thus generate many bubbles in the syrup. Notice not to stir when boiling. And avoid symptom of crystallization, if sugar particles appear on the pan wall, use a brush to pale the pan wall with water, and the sugar particles would be washed into the pan
6.After volatilization of water, the temperature of syrup is elevated and begins to coke
7.After the color of syrup turns into light amber, remove the heat instantly. Due to the afterheat, the syrup will change into amber color after removing the heat. Do not boil excessively or the taste would be bitter.
8.Pour the syrup into dry pudding mould, make sure to operate fast or the syrup would be hard after cooling
9.Smear butter on the inner wall of the pudding mould, pour the pudding liquid into it
10.Add hot water in the ovenware with water height equal to or surpass the height of half pudding, put the ovenware into middle level of the preheated oven, 329F for 35 minutes or so, until the pudding liquid is clotting. And refrigerate it before eating

Tips 1:
There are three keys to ensure the fine and smooth taste of pudding:
1.Pudding must be sifted
2.Must place the pudding for 30 minutes after sifting
3.Must adopt way of steaming and baking, which is to add water in the ovenware with water height equal to or surpass the height of a half pudding, or the pudding would not be tender and will appear honeycombs.

Tips 2:
The syrup pan would be difficult to clean, you can soak the pan with water overnight, clean it the following day would be so easy