A simple Swiss Emmentaler cheese cake will make you thumbs up for it. Delicious cake is easy to make also, you need not worry about no where to eat when you are slobbery.

The popular Swiss cheese is none other than the Gruyere and Emmentaler. The perfect combination of the two shapes the famous Swiss cheese chafing dish. Especially Emmentaler, which is almost the demonstration of Swiss cheese. No matter chewing or mixing with salad, or melted as jam of bread croutons, chocolate or fruits, it is unparalleled.

And today I would use Emmentaler to make a normal hot baked sweet cake.

Swiss emmentaler cheese cake

Swiss emmentaler cheese cake

For the cake: <8 inch round mold>

Cream cheese 500g
Emmentaler 100g
Sugar 100g
Eggs 4


1.If you buy bulk Emmentaler, make sure grind up first. I bought Emmentaler of pieces, which is soft to use directly
2.Soften cream cheese, add sugar and Emmentaler pieces or mashes, whip them until smooth and without particles by electric mixer
3.Add egg yolks per several times, stir well
4.Whip egg whites to a foam, with smooth and bright bubbles
5.Scrape in cheese paste and egg white paste per several times, until well mixed
6.Pour the cake paste into mold where covered breadcrumbs, shake the mold in avoid of big bubbles, put it into the middle level of the oven, bake to 356F for 45 minutes<in order to bake out cracks like The grand canyon in Africa>. But I changed to bake to 302F for 60 minutes for I like smooth and fine surface personally