Salad is a necessary appetizer on most of the family’s tables. Salad is made of various vegetables, as you can see, salad is really rich in nutrition. Everyone shall not miss the healthy green papaya salad.

The delicacy of salad lies in balance—–balance of all tastes like sour, sweet, spicy, and balance of soft, crisp and fragile. Tedium is a taboo for salad, there is no need to be afraid of complicated ingredients, but you shall be afraid of dullness and simplicity. A good and tasty salad must contain different ingredients for taste, and different ingredients for savory. Match each other well and at the same time each has its characteristics.

Of course, what I said is just some basic principle and my preference, the biggest characteristic of salad is at will. You can match whatever you like only if you balance the ingredients. Salad is the most creative and interesting food, the key is to make at your will.


Thai papaya salad



Papaya half
Garlic 2 flaps
Chili 2-3
Lemon 1
Dried shrimps 1tbsp
Cowpeas 60g
Cherry tomatoes 4
Coconut candy 1tbsp
Fish sauce 1tbsp
Pinch of peanut kernels

1.Add peanut kernels into a little pan without oil, bake 3-4 minutes with gentle fire, rub off the red peels, soak dried shrimps with medium heat water
2.Peel off the papaya, with papaya on your one hand, and a knife on your other hand, cut close vertical lines on the papaya
3.After cutting, peel the thin papaya slices with knife cutting closely to the surface of the papaya
4.Repeat step of 2-3 until it develops to the seed center of the papaya. Soak the papaya slices into ice water. Prepare the sauce. Peel off the garlic and chop the chili, press them into a pestle
5.Add soaked dried shrimps and keep pressing in the pestle
6.Add peeled peanut kernels and keep pressing, leave some for decoration
7.Squeeze out lemon juice, pour it into the pestle, add coconut candy and fish sauce, mix into a sauce
8.Dry the papaya slices, cut cowpeas into chunks, cut cherry tomatoes into halves, add all of them into a big bowl
9.Pour the sauce and mix them, chop the rest peanut kernels and sprinkle them on the salad

1.When cutting the papaya, make sure not to hurt yourself, and cut as deep as you could
2.Soak the papaya slices with ice water could make a crisper taste of the papaya
3.Cowpeas are raw, if you do not like it raw, you can blanch them with water