This is a fresh attractive and articulate fragrant lemon tart, it fills your mouth with lemon’s sweet scent, after refrigerating, it adds a ice-cold and creamy savor in taste. Yummy yummy!


Lemon tart

Lemon tart

Ingredients:<for ten 8x5cm tarts>

For the tart skin:
Low protein flour 100g
Butter 45g
Cold water 15ml
Powdered sugar 10g

1.Cut butter into particles, mix them with low protein flour and powdered sugar
2.Keep cutting butter in the flour with a scrapper, until they are as small as sand
3.Add cold water into the flour
4.Knead it with your hands forcedly, until the flour, water and butter are mixed utterly
5.Knead it into a round dough, place it for an hour<if the room temperature is too high, please put it into the fridge>
6.Press the separated little doughs into tart mould<it’s for little tart mould, if you use a big tart mould, please roll the dough and lay it onto the tart mould>
7.Make little holes on the dough with a fork, place it for half and hour. Then put them into preheated 374F oven for 15 minutes, until the color turns into golden and brown
8.Let cool and demould.

For the lemon cream filling:
Milk 150g
Lemon peels 1tsps
Lemon juice 1tbsps +1tsps<20ml>
Caster sugar 45g
Egg yolks 2
Corn starch 1tbsps +1tsps<20ml>
Low protein flour 1tsps<5ml>
Butter 50g

1.Wash clean of the lemons, cut the lemon peels into shreds, and discard the white parts. Cut in half of the lemon, squeeze out the lemon juice
2.Milk, butter into a milk pot, bring to boil
3.Take out another pot, mix egg yolks, caster sugar, lemon juice, lemon peels, corn starch, low protein flour, whip them with an egg beater
4.Pour the milk of step 2 slowly while whipping
5.Pour the mixture back into the milk pot
6.Heat milk pot with gentle fire, keep stirring with a spoon while heating
7.Keep stirring until the mixture turns into dense, remove and fire. Continue to stir over cold water, in order to cool down the lemon cream filling, refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight
8.Lemon cream filling would become dry and hard after refrigerating. Whip the filling with an egg beater in a high speed, until the cream filling is expanded and turns into a pale color
9.Add the lemon cream filling into a pastry bag, squeeze the filling into the tart skin

1.It’s similar with making custard jam, which is creamy but not greasy, yummy
2.You can add lemon juice according to your personal favor. If you like sour taste, add more, if you don’t, add little, you can taste the lemon cream filling after making, add more lemon juice if you find it not sour enough
3.This recipe goes for a 6 inch big tart too. Roll the dough into a round one, lay it into a mould and bake until it’s golden, squeeze in lemon cream filling after cooling. Please cover the mould with an oil paper, and put on beans, avoid of uplifting when baking in the oven, bake for 15 minutes, and remove the oil paper and beans, put it into oven again, bake until the tart skin turns into golden color