Summer is almost over, I was thinking to make a dessert with raspberries. And I looked for the freezer and found that there was much pistachio paste left, so I decided to make a raspberry pistachio mousse cream tart. Add pistachio jam in smooth and fine mousse cream, light green with red, very beautiful!

Raspberry pistachio mousse cream tart

Raspberry pistachio mousse cream tart

For the tart:
Cream 104g, icing sugar 64g, salt 2g, egg yolks 26g, lemon juice 4g, milk 10g, almond powder<sifted 2 times> 27g, high protein flour<sifted 2 times> 32g, low protein flour<sifted 2 times> 128g

For the pistachio mousse cream:
English cream filling 90g, pistachio paste<softened under room temperature> 30g, custard 90g

For the English cream filling:
A)egg yolks 21g, caster sugar 12g;
B)Milk 27g, caster sugar 12g, cream<softened under room temperature> 112g

For the custard:
C) egg yolks 24g, caster sugar 12g
D) milk 100g, caster sugar 12g, low protein flour<sifted 2 times> 10g

For the decoration:
Raspberries <wash clean and dry the water drops> 32
Syrup: caster sugar 27g, water 54g

Prepare ahead of day:
*Make tart and custard
*Soften all the creams under room temperature, until fingerprints are left by pressing
*The egg wash of tart shall be place in room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to return warm
*Sift two times of the low protein flour and high protein flour
*Cut vanilla bean into half, and scrape out kummin

Prepare the very day:
*Make English cream filling
*Soften the cream under room temperature
*Cut vanilla bean into half, scrape out kummin
*Soften pistachio paste under room temperature
*Iced the kitchen counter
*Iced the rolling pin in the freezer
*Preheat the oven to 356F

1.Whip cream with a tablespoon to frost<do not whip to a foam, so it needs no egg beater>
2.Mix salt and sugar, add per 5 times, every time mix well until the white sugar disappears
3.Add egg wash per 4 times with 2 teaspoon a time, every time mix well, but do not over mix or the oil and water will separate
4.Add lemon juice and milk, mix after each adding
5.Pour the paste into a large container, add almond powder, firstly mix vertically with a spoon, with another hand rotates the container, and then change to mix with a oval shape
6.Add flour, firstly mix vertically with a spoon, with another hand rotates the container, secondly mix by inclining the spoon to 45 degrees, mix until there is no particle.
7.Scrape with a scraper from bottom to top, repeat several times
8.Put the paste into a plastic bag and press to 1cm long shape with your hands, place it into the fridge for overnight
9.Custard: add ingredients of D, vanilla bean, kummin<add hot milk would freeze the protein and be sticky to the bottom of the pan, but if you add sugar, it would avoid burning>, heat nearly to boil, then remove the fire
10.Whip the ingredients of C with an egg beater
11.Add sifted low protein flour and keep whipping until there is no particle, do not over mix or it will be sticky
12.Pour 1/4 milk, whip with an egg beater immediately, mix well
13.Add the rest milk, mix, filter the vanilla bean, pour back into the pan
14.Heat with medium to big fire, scrape with a knife from bottom to top
15.When it close to boil, change to medium fire, remove the fire when the it is bubbling
16.Add cream and mix well
17.Pour the custard back into a smaller container, cover it with a plastic wrap, install a large container with all ice cubes below the container, and put iced towel onto the plastic wrap, this is to make the custard cold. Put the cold custard into the freezer for overnight
18.Lay a large baking paper on the iced container, put the paste on, and cover another baking paper, in order to make the tart skin crisp
19.Roll the paste with iced rolling pin to a flat and soft one with 3mm thick
20.Scrape out 4 slices of tart skin with 13cmx8.5cm
21.Lay the tart skin onto the tart mould, cut off the extra tart skin
22.Put the tart mould into the freezer for 2 hours
23.English cream filling: mix the ingredients of A with an egg beater
24.Ingredients of B, vanilla bean, kummin into a pan and heat over water until it is close to boil
25.Pour the 1/4 mixture into egg wash, mix it immediately with an egg beater
26.Add the rest milk, remove the vanilla bean, pour the mixture into a little pan after filtering
27.Heat with medium fire, scrape with a knife with a 8 shape from bottom to walls
28.Boil for 3-4 minutes, heat to 181.4F, until it is sticky and smooth, remove the fire
29.Put the pan into the ice water immediately, and keep stirring gently
30.Whip the softened cream with an egg beater with a high speed to a foam and a pale color
31.Add cooled down English cream filling per 3 times, mix with medium pace, mix well after each adding
32.Preheat overn to 356F, put the tart skin in to it and bake for 5 minutes, preheat the stones into the oven too
33.Lay a baking paper larger than the tart mould, wipe some cream on the surface of the baking paper in avoid of sticky, and place it for 10 minutes under room temperature
34.Put the stones into the tart mould, bake for 12-15 minutes under 338F, take out the tart mould when the brims of the tart presents baking color, and take away the stones. And then bake for another 10 minutes until the inner side turns into golden and brown
35.Demould,, let cool
36.Pistachio mousse cream: take out the custard from the freezer, filter the custard with pressing by a scraper
37.Add pistachio paste into the English cream filling, mix
38.Add custard, mix well
39.Put it into a pastry bag with a 10mm round tube
40.Syrup: heat sugar and water in a little pan, boil until the syrup is thick and sticky
41.Brush the syrup onto the surface of the raspberries
42.Combination: squeeze out pistachio mousse cream onto the tart skin, flat the surface with a teaspoon, put it into the freezer for freezing about 10 minutes
43.Brush the syrup onto the brims of the tart skin
44.Lay raspberries on for decoration