The recipe comes from famous french dessert master Christophe Felder, who has taken charge of the dessert chef of Hotel de Crillon where they hold adult balls every year for rich girls in Paris, and he is also the main developer of Henri Charpentier of Japan with long histories.

Although he is a senior chef and dessert developer, he is plain in his books, in which more actual contents and basic knowledges are centralized than decoration parts or baking skills.

Caramelized pear

<For 17x17cm, 4.5 deep square mousse mould>

For the chocolate cake slice:

Egg whites 220g
Dark chocolate<65%-70% cacao> 95g
Light cream 55g
Low protein flour 68g
White sugar 45g

1.Cut dark chocolate into cubes
2.Melt dark chocolate over hot water at 113F, do NOT surpass 122F, and boil the light cream with gentle fire with temperature close to 194F
3.Whip egg whites to a rough foam and add a half sugar
4.Keep whipping egg whites, add the rest sugar, until the egg whites is stiff
5.Add boiled light cream per 7-8 times into melted dark chocolate, mix every time before adding the next
6.Add 1/3 whipped egg whites into step of 5, scrape gently
7.Sift 1/3 flour into step of 6, scrape gently
8.Add rest egg whites and flour alternately, each time for 1/3, mix well into a chocolate paste. Heat oven to 302F, cover the ovenware with a silver paper, flat the paste onto it, with volume larger than two mousse mould together. Bake for 22-25 minutes. Rotate the cake slice after taking out from the oven, and press it gently with a rolling pin, fast wipe off the silver paper, press it into two square slice with mould, stuff one in the bottom of the mould, the other one on it

For the caramelized pear cubes:

Canned pears 250g
White sugar 25g
Vanilla bean 1<or several droplets of vanilla extract>

1.Cut pears into cubes
2.Add sugar in a dried pan, boil with slow fire until the sugar turns into rich caramel liquid
3.Filter water of pears and add into step 2, cut vanilla bean into half, scrape out the kummins, put them into the pan and gently stir with a wooden spoon
4.Smear the sugar water of canned pears onto the cake slice, and lay the caramelized pears onto it, remember to keep 20 cubes for decoration

For the caramel custard layer:

White sugar 60g
Butter 30g
Light cream 150g
Gelatin 2g

1.Heat the light cream with oven to warm, soak the gelatin, add sugar in dried pan, boil with slow fire until the sugar turns into caramel liquid
2.Remove the fire, add warm light cream per 3-4 times, open the fire and stir while boiling
3.Add well-cut butter into mixture of step 2, keep boiling with slow fire, stir, until the caramel cream source is dense and bright, remove the fire
4.Add water dried gelatin into the mixture of step 3, mix
5.Pour the mixture of step 4 evenly onto the pear cubes, let cool

For the caramel mousse:

Egg yolk 2
White sugar 10g
Original milk 120g
White sugar 90g
Water 35g
Light cream 260g
Gelatin 6g

1.soak the gelatin, whip the light cream until 60%-70% is still flowing, refrigerate
2.Beat egg yolks and add sugar, boil milk with slow fire, use another pan to boil 90g sugar with gentle fire
3.Remove the fire after milk is boiling, pour slowly into the egg wash of step 2, keep stirring, sift and back in pan, heat to 179.6F
4.Remove the fire after sugar is boiled into a caramel color. Add 35g water, back to the fire and stir until the liquid is even, gently pour the caramel liquid into the egg milk wash of step 3, stir, sift and add gelatin at last
5.Wait until the temperature of mixture is reduced to 95F, then add light cream per 5 times, mix well each time.
6.Pour the caramel mousse into the mould, shake the mould gently, cover the second cake slice on it, and smear the sugar water of canned pears, add the rest mousse to fill the mould, freeze for 1 hour

For the salty caramel particles:

White sugar 100g
Butter cubes 6g
Salt 3g

1.Boil the white sugar with gentle fire until the sugar turns into bright caramel color. Add butter cubes and salt, mix well
2.Flat a baking paper, pour the sugar wash onto the edge of the baking paper, flat the sugar wash into a caramel slice with a knife, let cool and cover another baking paper on, crush the sugar slice with a rolling pin and sprinkle the particles onto the cake surface, and decorate with caramel pears