A healthy diet can not resist peaches. Peach has an abundant nutrition that is benefical to our bodies. whereas  many people looked down on this common fruit.  Search on the internet you will find how valuable the peach is to our health!

Frankly speaking, I am fascinated by this cake that can’t be described by words, or few words. I’d like to connect dessert with women, we can discover a lot of common things on them, such as interesting, charming, some of them are simple and elegant, while some of them are noble and posh, and some of them just cute. And today’s cake reminds me of the girlhood when I was 15 or 16 years old and every girl had a tender feeling, and that was the time we would never forget, so real and so close.


Peach mousse cake


For the yellow peach jelly: <4 inch round mold>
Yellow peach can 160g
Gelatin 5g
Caster sugar 10g

1.Mash yellow peaches in a blender
2.Mix gelatin with caster sugar
3.Pour in yellow peach mashes, melt them over slow fire
4.Pour into the mold and refrigerate overnight

For the original chiffon cake:<32cm x 36cm ovenware>
Egg yolks 4
Caster sugar 30g
Salad oil 40ml
Milk 70ml
Low protein flour 90g

Egg whites 4
Caster sugar 50g
Salt&white vinegar pinch

5.Make paste according to the procedures of chiffon cake, pour the paste into a ovenware covered by a baking paper, flat the surface with a knife
6.Preheat oven to 320F, and bake under 302F for 40 minutes, tear off the baking paper and let cool
7.Cut into 1cm thickness, 48cm long and 5.5cm wide cake slices
8.Put it into the mold and make a fence
9.Cut into 14cm diameter, 0.5cm thickness round shape
10.Put into the bottom of the mold for cake base

For the peach mousse:
Peach can 200g
Peach juice 50ml
Gelatin 2.5 pieces
Lemon juice 10g
Italian meringue<22g water, 73g caster sugar & 40g egg whites >
Light cream 150g

1.Mash the peaches in the blender
2.Soak the gelatin in cold water, drain
3.Demould the yellow peach jelly and refrigerate
4.Whip light cream
5.Add gelatin into the peach juice, melt with slow fire
6.Let cool, then add lemon juice and mix well
7.Quickly stir in the peach mashes, let cool to 68F
8.Whip the egg whites in ingredients of Italian meringue to a neutral foam
9.Mix the sugar and water in ingredients of Italian meringue and heat to 248F
10.Pour into the meringue and keep stirring until moderate
11.It appears a long inverted triangle hook by lifting the egg beater, with smooth surface of the Italian meringue
12.Pour the meringue into the peach mashes, mingle
13.Stir in whipped light cream
14.Spoon a little part into the mold, freeze
15.Place yellow peach jelly on top
16.Add remaining peach mousse to fill in the mold, refrigerate overnight, demould, place yellow peaches for dressing