Eat dessert, lose fat! The SOD of blackberry is higher than any fruit that is planted or wild grown, blackberry is the best lose fat food and its effect is better than any diet pill.

Many Northern Europeans love to transplant wild blackberries into their home gardens. You know, there is no need to look after or take care of those wild blackberries, they can self-grow many many delicious fruits every year! The taste of blackberry is like raspberry or mulberry, many little fruits variants get close together, soft and chubby, every bite of the blackberry makes you feel the feeling of every little fruit variant explodes in your mouth…


Blackberry vanilla cream puff


For the vanilla jam:

Milk 250g
Vanilla bean half
Egg yolks 3
Caster sugar 115g
Corn starch 20g
Sugar-free butter 10g
Lemon liqueur 1-2 tablespoons
Light cream 100g

1.Cut vanilla bean into half, add with milk into a stockpot, cook for 10 minutes with medium-slow fire, scoop out the vanilla bean
2.Stir in egg yolks, caster sugar and corn starch, pour them into another stockpot, mix well
3.Pour hot milk slowly into the egg pan, stir frequently
4.Heat egg/milk pan with medium-slow fire, keep stirring until the mixture turns to thick and sticky
5.Remove the fire, add butter and mix
6.Let cool of the saucepan, and put it into the freezer for cold storage

For the puff:

All-purpose flour 85g
Water 75g
Milk 75g
Butter 65g
Eggs 3
Caster sugar 1 tablespoon
Sea salt pinch
Blackberries 400g
Powdered sugar pinch

1.Mix water with milk, butter, caster sugar and salt in a stockpot, heating
2.After water is boiling, add all-purpose flour and keep stirring until the flour turns to smooth and silk
3.Remove the stockpot from the heat, after 10 minutes’ cooling, add eggs one by one to the paste, mix well<each adding of egg shall be along with the mixing of mixture, better use an electric egg beater>
4.Place an baking paper on the ovenware, squeeze out 16 servings of round balls with a pastry bag
5.Put the oven into the preheated 437F oven at the middle level for 20-25 minutes, after baking, do not open the oven door, let puffs stay in the oven for 20-30 minutes for shaping

For the combination:

1 Add lemon liqueur in the vanilla jam, mix
2.Whip light cream and add into the vanilla jam, mix
3.Cut puff balls into halves from the middle, squeeze vanilla cream jam in the bottom parts
4.Place blackberries on the vanilla cream jam and cover it with the top puffs, and sprinkle with powdered sugar