Lemon is one of the most valuable fruits in the world, it is rich in vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B1, B2, citric acid that are very useful to our bodies. And lemon has the function of eliminating the skin pigment, women who love beauty shall eat more.

I planted a lemon tree in my backyard, it was planted with lemon seeds. And since then 4 or 5 years have passed. Now it is 1 meter tall, though never a fruit comes from it, I still treat it like a treasure. The lemon leaves are so fragrant that can make people refresh in a muggy weather day. Besides, lemon leaves are necessary ingredients when cooking foods of Southeast Asia. The fragrance of lemon leaves has always been attracting the butterflies to multiply on the leaves. The other day when I went to the backyard, I saw that the leaves were all eaten by insects, and the rest leaves were withered. So, I was fighting with the butterfly insects all the summer.

I like the refreshing perfume of lemon leaves very much, every day I would drink a cup of lemon honey, except that, the most popular dessert in my family would be the lemon cake. If guests come, I would bake lemon cakes most of the time, and very few of them can resist the fragrance of lemon.

The fragrance of lemon comes from the yellow parts, however, most of the lemons brought from the supermarket are wrapped on the peels for the sake of beauty and freshness. Though some of the lemon peels look like fresh, indeed the fruits inside are soft after cutting them into half, and the fruits are coffee color. I dare not use lemon like this because the fresh lemon fruits are tight and rich in fragrance. Using fresh lemons to make cupcakes, you will feel the flavor is refreshing and taste is not greasy.


Lemon cupcakes

For the lemon cupcake:
Butter 90g
Sugar 60g
Egg wash 120g
Light cream 120g
Low protein flour 130g
Baking powder 3g
Fresh lemon 1

1.Mash the lemon peels, soften the 90g butter
2.Add 60g sugar, whip with an electric egg beater it to a pale color and expand
3.Add 120g egg wash per several times, whip well after each adding
4.Sift 65g low protein flour, mix well with an egg beater
5.Add 60g light cream
6.Sift 65g low protein flour and 3g baking powder, mix
7.Add 60g light cream, mix
8.Add lemon pees, scrape with a knife, do NOT mix excessively
9.Pour the mixture into a pastry bag
10.Shear a gap and squeeze the mixture into the cake mould until it fills 80 percent of the mould
11.Heat oven to 356F, bake for 32 minutes in the middle level of the oven

For the vanilla cream:
Milk 100g
Caster sugar 10g
Egg yolk 1
Caster sugar 10g
Low protein flour 5g
Corn starch 5g
Vanilla extract 5g
Gelatin 2.5g
Rum 7g
Unsalted butter 70g

1.Add 10g caster sugar into egg yolk and stir
2.Sift low protein flour and corn starch, mix
3.Add 10g caster sugar into milk and bring to a boil
4.Pour a half milk into the egg yolk wash
5.Pour back into the pan and mix with the rest milk
6.Boil until it’s sticky
7.Add vanilla, mix
8.Soak the gelatin, add rum heat them over water and mix
9.Add egg yolk milk mixture
10.Add pre-softened butter
11.Whip to a featheriness with an electric egg beater
12.Install a small tube onto the pastry bag, add vanilla extract and cream, squeeze the cream onto the cupcakes