I used a half of the frozen raspberry brought last week, and I wondered how to settle the rest half. First I thought about the chocolate which is harmonious with raspberry, and then I thought of the matcha, and lastly I decided to use matcha for I was dying to see the effect to mix green and pink color…Curious!

Matcha&raspberry mousse cake-1

Matcha&raspberry mousse cake-1

I have used many mousse making moulds, and this time I remembered the half round mould, and I bet it will have a different feeling. The mould is long and thin, about 30cm, and the cake slices are not enough, so I’ve made a half, and blocked the other half with napkins.

Matcha&raspberry mousse cake-2

For the cake slices: 3 egg yolks, 20gr caster sugar, 20gr salad oil, 20gr water, 40gr low protein flour, 10gr matcha powder, 3 egg whites, 30 caster sugar

For the raspberry mousse: 100gr frozen raspberries, 30 caster sugar, 1 piece of gelatin, 100gr whipping cream, 20gr caster sugar

For the decoration: fresh cream, blueberries


1.Whip the egg yolk and 20gr caster sugar into thick, white and expanded
2.Add salad oil into it and mix well
3.Add water, mix well
4.Sift the flour and matcha powder for 2 times, and sift it into step 3
5.Add caster sugar for 3 times into egg whites, and whip it to a foam
6.Mix a little part of egg whites into green matcha paste well
7.Add the matcha paste into the rest best part egg whites
8.Mix them well with a knife
9.Pour the paste into an ovenware with oil absorption paper, make it flat, bake under 338F for 15-20 minutes, until the paste is elastic
10.Let cool, wipe off the oil absorption paper, rotate it, and cut into suitable size
11.Unfreeze the raspberries, mash the raspberries and the raspberry juice, add 30gr cater sugar, mix
12.Take out a little part of raspberries, warm up, and mix it with the soaked gelation
13.Mix the little part raspberry thick liquid with the best part raspberry thick liquid
14.Whip the fresh cream and 20gr caster sugar until 70% down
15.Mix the fresh cream and raspberry thick liquid
16.Inject them into the mould that has cake slices on the bottom, and leave a space for a cake slice
17.Cut the cake slices with appropriate size and cover it into the mould, put it into the freezer for 4-6 hours and then demould


About the decoration: I used middle-sized rose pastry tip to make the bordering ornament.

And at last the finished matcha and raspberry mousse cake is unexpectedly cool! Green mixed with pink color makes the whole mouse cake very special and attracting! I can’t help photoing many pics for they are really beautiful! I hope you have the same thought with me! Better make it yourself and enjoy them! A sense of achievement will emerge in your heart and it keeps you passionate in making dessert like me! Just fulfill all your imaginations about pastries! Good luck to you all my friends!