Olive oil immersed tomatoes have many useful ways to make food like spaghetti, pizza, bread or salad. It is easy to make at home but expensive to buy outdoors. Actually it is a necessary food for families who praise highly in health and nutrition.


Olive oil immersed cherry tomatoes



Cherry tomatoes 28
Olive oil 120g
Chopped vanillas<rosemary, mint, thyme, basil>
Pinch of salt, sugar
Garlic split 4 <minced>
Pinch of black pepper

1.Wash clean and dry cherry tomatoes, cut them into halves
2.Put the cherry tomatoes onto the ovenware with peels down and cuts up, in avoid of sticky onto the ovenware. Better cover a plastic wrap onto the ovenware for later clean
3.You can use various ways to deal with the cherry tomatoes like air drying with machine, bask under the sunshine or baking with oven. I used to bask them under the sun but it needs for few days. Pay attention to avoid of the rainy season or the cherry tomatoes would get mildew.
4.If you bask them under the sun and discover that they are not dried enough, you can then bake them into the oven under 212F, this would do with the rainy season and winter days. This time I firstly dried them with machine and then baked them with oven. The baked cherry tomatoes are delicious to eat for the flavor has been locked in themselves, more delicious than the fresh cherry tomatoes! It’s really healthy for eat as a snack, and you can rest assured to give them to your kids
5.Heat olive oil in a pan, and then remove the fire and add fresh chopped vanillas and salt, sugar, minced garlic, black pepper. Let cool under room temperature. If you do not have fresh vanillas, you can take dried vanillas instead or comprehensive vanillas would be okay
6.Put the dried cherry tomatoes with vanilla and olive oil into a bottle, immerse for two weeks. It can be stored for a long time

If you only want to make dried cherry tomatoes and do not immerse, you can bake then into the oven by laying them onto the ovenware with cuts up and sprinkle pinch of salts.