Sorbet, the name comes from turkey’s “Sherbet”, it generated in Middle East, and was seen as the mother of ice cream. Now sorbet belongs to a kind of Slush, it’s almost the same with ice cream when eating, but sorbet contains no fat.

According to the professional explains, Slush and ice is made of juice, water and sugar. American Slush generally contains milk or cream, sometimes egg white. Yet ice only contains juice, water, sugar, sometimes egg white, but no dairy products. Sometimes they are also called sorbet in French. Granite is a rough, crystalline ice, and contains no egg white.

As I understand it, sorbet means the more exquisite Granite, in order to make this feeling or exquisite come out, it needs frequent times’ stirring, and egg white is necessary for the ice cream’s smooth sense and bulk.

Pomegranate is so beautiful to appreciate, but have you ever been fascinated by its taste? I think pomegranate is like a string of red gems, so amazingly crystal and attracting! But when eating the pomegranate, the sour and sweet taste around your mouth would take your breath away! Sooooooo delicious! And so that today I add pomegranate into my self-made sorbet, beautiful with look and delicious with taste!

pomegranate sorbet

pomegranate sorbet

Ingredients: 2 tablespoon water, 1/4 teaspoon Gelatin powder, 150ml pomegranate juice, 7-8 tablespoon caster sugar, a hint of salt, 65ml heavy cream
1.Add water into a pan, sprinkle the gelatin on the water, after 8-10 minutes’ standing, boil 1-2 minutes with slow fire, shake the pan while boiling
2.After the gelatin’s disappeared, pour the pomegranate juice into it; add caster sugar and a hint of salt. Bring to light boil until the sugar is utterly melted.
3.Transfer the pomegranate mixture into a container, let cool. Then freeze it in the fridge, add heavy cream. Pour it into the ice cream machine, open the machine, let the mixture turn into soft and foam. After that, put the mixture into the freezer until it’s frozen

1.If you have no ice cream machine, use your hand to stir it, and then put it into the freezer. Remember not add too much air into the mixture
2.If there is no fresh pomegranate juice, it can be replaced by bottled pomegranate juice
3. Each pomegranate has its own sweetness, make sure to moderate the sugar content

Now pomegranate sorbet is ready to serve! Have a bite, wow, yummy! Can’t wait to finish it! Be hungry? Be jealous? Haha…now you can follow my recipe and make a delicious pomegranate sorbet belongs to yourself!