Macarons is a kind of French dessert made of egg whites, almond powder, caster sugar and icing sugar. Generally people add fruit jams or cream as filling into two shells, it has a flavor of crisp on the shells while soft inside.

It could be traced back in the 19 centuries to macaroon, which is a dessert invented by Italian monastery in 1792, the English name was gotten from Italian “Maccarone”. In the period of French Revolution, there were two sisters from orders hiding in the Nancy town and selling baked macaroon for a living, after that the dessert became famous throughout the land. And macaroon turned into the most unique and unusual gourmet in Vienne province of France.

Due to the lovely color and different patterns of macarons, people love macarons from the deep bottom of their hearts. The top level macarons is extremely strict in ingredients, matching, temperature and time, provided with different and rich taste. There is an original saying that “Pastry chef is not really a pastry chef if he chere an not make macarons.”

And back to my tittle, when macarons meet grapefruit, what will happen?Haha….Wait and see.

grapefruit macarons

grapefruit macarons

Ingredients: 250gr (125gr almond powder+125gr pure powdered sugar), 100gr powdered sugar, 5gr grapefruit juice powder, 100gr egg whites, 50gr caster sugar, a pinch of purple color paste

1.Sift 250gr (almond powder+pure powdered sugar) mixture, powdered sugar, grapefruit juice powder for reserving
2.Return the egg whites’ temperature to 68F, beat egg whites, add 25gr caster sugar and keep whipping to a foam, add the rest 25gr caster sugar, keep whipping until it turns into stiff peak
3.Add the purple color paste into step 2
4.Add step 1 into step 3, stir until there is no dried powder in it
5.Put the mixture into pastry bag with a plain end, squeeze out same size round shape paste on to the ovenware
6.Lay the ovenware under the shade, wait for 30 minutes until the shells are shaped
7.Put the well shaped paste into the preheated oven at top temperature of 410F, bottom temperature of 356F, bake for 8 minutes or so until all the paste are expanded, open the intake, and keep baking for 4 minutes until the surfaces of all the paste are dried.

There you have it, the grapefruit macarons. Maybe you’ve tasted so many macarons with different flavors, but this is special, I promise! Because I have chosen the grapefruits, as you know wine is made of grapefruits, also the macarons I made contain a special taste kind of like wine to some extent, and people who like to drink some little wine can never miss it!

For the love of dessert I could not stop, I shall tell you that I never ate up all of the desserts I had made by myself. There is one big reason, high fat! In order to keep my fit, I eat less than my families and my friends, hahaha…Actually I am not fat, I am slim, but who cares? Girls are fond of keeping fit! I sometimes go to the gym, yeah, physical training, so don’t think I am a fat person with lots of desserts around me! That would be wrong!