Figs maybe the legendary fruit of Adam and Eve, yet I know figs are beneficial to our bodies, especially the fresh figs. Why not bake a fig custard to pamper yourself?

When wandering on the street, I met a peddler who was selling figs—green fruits with spinous tops. I’d never seen fresh figs before, so I decided to buy some. The peddler told me to pick soft ones for they were much sweeter, and I said that I wanted hard ones to bake cakes. He was so weired that he didn’t think they could be baked for eating.

It was studied that the figs were the fruits that Adam and Eve ate. After eating them, they felt they couldn’t be seen as naked so they took the foliages of the figs as clothes. Would the figs be the legendary forbidden fruit? I made cakes with them!

Figs are sweet with a dense flavor, I cut them into slices, and the green and read color on them are very beautiful, and figs are healthy for people who usually don’t want to eat, and have indigestion and a sore throat.

Fig custard

Fig custard

Fig custard

For the filling: 20gr butter, 20gr powdered sugar, 20gr eggs, 20gr milk powder

1.Stir the softened butter until it’s smooth, add powdered sugar per 2 times and utterly stir well
2.Add egg wash per 3 times and beat well, finally add milk powder, mix well

For the crust: 100gr low protein flour, 40gr butter, 10gr caster sugar, 33gr water

1.Soften the butter under room temperature
2.Add low protein flour and caster sugar into the butter
3.Knead the butter and flour using your hands, until it’s even
4.Add water into the flour, knead it to a dough, let loose for 15 minutes
5.Roll the well-loosed dough into thin slice
6.Cover the mould with slice, squeeze out the extra slice using a rolling pin
7.Prick little holes on the crust using a fork, avoid of expanding when baking
8.Cover the crust with silver paper, and add some read beans, avoid of expanding of the crust
9.Put it into 347F preheated oven, bake for 15 minutes, take out the silver paper and red beans, continues to bake for 15 minutes
10.Let cool of the crust and then pour the filling in
11.Cover fig slices at last on the surface, put it into 338F preheated oven, bake for 20 minutes