This vanilla pudding–Vanilla Pot de Crème is easy to make for pudding lovers. Get into your kitchen right away and make this delicacy all by yourself!

The traditional French Vanilla Pot de Crème is full of pure and natural vanilla milk flavor, and the pudding is fine and smooth in taste, it melts in your mouth unaffectedly while tastes not so watery.

Vanilla Pot de Crème

Vanilla Pot de Crème

Ingredients<for 4 cups>: 5 egg yolks, 295gr original milk, 295gr light cream, 65gr sugar, 1 vanilla bean<or pinch vanilla extract>

1.Mix the milk and light cream into a pan, cut in half of the vanilla bean, take out the kummins using a sharp knife, and soak them together into the milk liquid
2.Add sugar in. Bring to boil with a gentle heat. Remove the fire until the sugar is utterly melted, cover it with a pan cover and braise for 2 hours
3.Beat egg yolks gently, do NOT whip avoid coming of the air
4.Pick out the vanilla bean in vanilla milk liquid, heat again until it’s warm, pour it into the egg yolks slowly, keep stirring while pour
5.Filter the egg milk liquid for 2 times, seal up and refrigerate for over 2 hours after cooling down
6.Heat oven to 302F, pour the egg milk liquid into the four cups uniformly. Pour water into the oven, bake for 50 minutes until the puddings are clotting, and the surface of the puddings are able to tremble when shaking
7.Take out from the oven and put them into the fridge, refrigerate for over 5 hours
8.Eat them in 3 days