As the title said, french chouquettes, simple but original. Single cute puff ball is plain and nice, together they represent a traditional prosperity, the most representative thing is the local french wedding cake—pièce montée choux, which is piled up by each single puff ball.

I myself like puff balls so much, Eclair, paris wheel puff… I think that you shall first love dessert so that you could have the draw to bake yourself!

Today I will make a puff with sugar upon, which is a dessert in pastry stores all around Parisian streets. Although it looks like plain, but people never forget them. I’d like to stab a hole under the puff ball and squeeze the cream into it, so nice!



Ingredients: 160ml whole milk, 160ml water, 140gr butter, 4gr sea salt, 20gr sugar, 200gr gluten free flour, 4 eggs
1.Milk and water into a pan, add small butter, sugar and sea salt
2.Open fire, stir the butter until it’s melted, when boiling, stay for 3 seconds, and them remove the heat
3.Add all the flour into the pan, stir, then put on the fire, stirring without stop up to 30 seconds, until it’s not sticky to the bottom of the pan, then remove the fire
4.Wait until it’s warm
5.Beat the 4 eggs into a pot, add two thirds into the paste at the first time, keep stirring. If the paste appears smooth, then stop adding egg mixture
6.Preheat the oven to 356F, do NOT open the hot-air heating
7.Put the paste into the pastry bag, and squeeze the balls with same size on the ovenware(this is important)
8.Brush the egg wash onto the balls’ surface using a pig hair brush, evenly strew lump sugar, better thick cause the balls will be expanded in the oven
9.Open the oven and bake for 27 minutes, better consider the size of your puff balls, until they are golden brown

Remember the vanilla bean ice cream? Cut the puff ball into half, and scoop out one spoon of vanilla bean ice cream, cover the half ball, bite, em…yummy!

Dessert is always my true love! And I hope it will become yours! Cause it really deserves attentive learning and so much patience is in need of. Don’t be afraid of failure, I have failed so many times and now I study and invent new way of eating dessert! And I invent new recipe of dessert too! I think you can do it just like me!