People may wonder what is exactly a healthy dessert? Let me tell you that the honey crepes I made is the one! With healthy honey, fruits and low sugar, which makes you have a healthy diet while eating well.

The gourmet that makes people excited is not coming from the feast, but the local snacks. In the street of France, make sure to taste crepes. Crepes comes from Bretagne, northern France, where the soil was poor, the local people ate wheat, but wheat was difficult to grow up, so they used a little wheat to make a round flat cake that was very thin, and added some filling into it. Unexpectedly, this kind of food became well known in French families, and in today’s Bretagne, they have got a festival in every Feb 2.

The traditional crepes has two main flavor, one is sweet and one is salty. The sweet crepes contain filling of all sorts of fruits like apple, banana, lemon and so on, certainly chocolate is one of the important filling which is necessary in sweet crepes. Whereas salty crepes contain cheeses, ham, bacon, mushroom, vegetables. Crepes that are made of rye has another name—Gallettes.

Crepes is not only tasty, but that it contains a healthy diet, for the filling includes different kinds of nutritious ingredients, which will gain your body a healthy balance.

Now I will make a sweet crepes for you guys! It’s called honey crepes!

Honey crepes

Honey crepes

Ingredients: 120gr low protein flour, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk, 2 tablespoon sugar, pinch fruits, pinch fresh cream, pinch honey
1.Beat egg into a pot, add milk and sugar, mix well
2.Sift the low flour into the pot, stir it with a whisk, if there are particles, filter
3.Pinch butter into a pan, wait until the butter is melted, then add pinch paste, gently shake the pan, and make paste into a thin crepes, rotate it while the up surface is clotted and golden brown
4.Let cool, and wipe the well whipped fresh cream onto the surface, add several kinds of fruits that are cut well, and ladle the honey for eat

1.Wipe the well whipped fresh cream until the crepes is cool, or it will melt the fresh cream
2. Chocolate jam, peanut jam or other fruit jams will match the crepes