Just another gluten free food! But it is not dessert but Italian ravioli. Braised lamb for filling will give you a strong muscle and improve your immunity.

You might be amazed by the fact that ravioli belongs to pasta. As the same with Chinese traditional dumplings, the famous ravioli that has popularized all the western countries could be made with different fillings. But the difference is that various sauces will be set aside with the ravioli, just to make the taste of the filling combine with the sauce. It is important of the combination of filling and sauce for the taste of inside is light, but the sauce outside is thick, eat them together will give you a full taste. Such as the ravioli with light Italian cream and spinach for filling, you may suggest to eat with lobster sauce. Except the taste, the mouthfeel is also important for ravioli. If the filling of ravioli is tender and soft, you may add chewy lobsters and zucchinis for perfect mouthfeel.


Gluten free braised lamb ravioli


For the gnocchi:

Medium protein flour 445g

Egg yolks 6
Egg 1
Olive oil<or other vegetable oil> 1.5 teaspoons
Milk 15ml

1.Prepare a pot, add medium protein flour and dig out a place in the middle of the flour, add in egg, egg yolks, olive oil and milk
2.Using your finger to stir in the egg with a circular pattern as close to the inner part as possible, mix all the liquids so that the flour will be mingled into the liquids little by little. Do not stir fast or the dough will become rough. It would become sticky after flour and liquids are well mixed, you can use a scraper to operate, finally the dough needs to be wet but non-sticky, set aside for several minutes
3.Clean the kneading board, spread some flour, and begin to knead dough, it needs approximately 10 to 15 minutes. In order to make the dough more chewy and tough, make sure to knead for few more minutes. After finishing the kneading, wrap the dough with a plastic wrap, better tow layers for preventing air drying. Set aside for 30 to 60 minutes

For the lamb filling:

Braised lamb 255g
Walnut meats 20g<bake to 302F for 5-7 minutes, in convenience of peeling>
Peanut meats 30g<bake to 302F for 5-7 minutes, in convenience of peeling>
Chopped red onion 1
Salt & pepper pinch

1.Press half of the dough into slices with noodle maker, each dough slice should be a little transparent that fingers could be seen through it. A little thicker than Chinese dumplings. But too much thick is not good for boiling time will be increased with a bad mouthfeel. Cover the dough slices with a wet towel or plastic wrap, avoid of air drying
2.Mash walnut and peanut meats
3.Prepare a bowl, stir in braised lamb, red onion, nut mashes, salt and pepper
4.Sprinkle some flour on the kneading board, spread a slice, and spoon the filling onto the slice, repeat the procedures after a half of the dough slices are topped with filling
5.Brush the brims of the slices with egg wash or water, in convenience of dough slices sticking to each other
6.Cover a second dough slice, press gently with your hands from middle space towards outside space, and trim each ravioli with flywheel knife, make sure the four sides are well pressed or the filling would come out
7.Boil a pot of water, add some salt. After boiling, put ravioli in the water and cook for approximately 3 minutes
8.Combine ravioli with soy sauce or cheese, fresh vanilla according to your own favorite