Recipe for Syrian barley cakes?

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Recipe for Syrian barley cakes?
cakes like rice cakes



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Barley Cakes

2 mugs prepared pearled barley
2 ea. garlic cloves, diced
1 ea. tool onion diced tiny
1/2 mug icy or fresh pleasant peas
1/2 mug corn
1 mug prepared black soybeans, drained pipes
1/2 mug daikon, cleaned and reduced right into 1/4- inch dice
1/2 mug carrot, cleaned and reduced right into 1/4- inch dice
2 ea. leafed eco-friendly fallen leaves (collards, kale, bok choy),
cleaned and thick stems gotten rid of

1/4 mug fresh parsley, cleaned and sliced
1 mug natural white bread flour
1 TBS. Shoyu or Tamari

Green & & Yellow Bean Puree
1 mug fresh eco-friendly string beans, cleaned and reduced right into 1-inch items
1 mug fresh yellow string beans, cleaned and reduced right into 1-inch items
Spring or well water
1/2 tsp. Ume plum vinegar
Toasted Sesame Oil

Garnish: Toasted Black Sesame Seeds and cut scallions

1. Location string beans in different pans with 1/4- inch water and 2 decreases of Ume plum vinegar. Give a boil. Minimize to a simmer. Cover with a cover. Simmer 5 mins. Get rid of from warmth. Location yellow beans in a blender or food processor or tiny cpu. Puree. Change density with bean brew. Location in tiny dish and reserved till plating. Repeat utilizing eco-friendly beans.

2. In big sauté frying pan salute the garlic in the 1/2 tsp. sesame oil. Get rid of garlic from sesame oil. Establish garlic apart.

3. Pile leafy environment-friendlies. Roll them like a stogie. Cut really slim. Warmth oil in sauté frying pan over medium-high fire. Include environment-friendlies. Prepare 1 min or till intense eco-friendly. Get rid of environment-friendlies. Allot.

4. Location barley, prepared garlic, onion, peas, corn, soybeans, daikon, carrot, leafy environment-friendlies and parsley in big dish. Fold combination with each other till well combined. Include tamari and flour. Examination combination for capacity to hold the form of a tiny patty. , if combination is as well wet include tiny quantity of flour.. Blend. , if as well completely dry include water..

5. Brush base of sauté frying pan with sesame oil. Warmth over a tool fire. Location a food ring in frying pan. Spoon in the barley combination. Load combination in ring. Get rid of ring. Or form with hands. Prepare till gold brownish on base. Transform cake over. Prepare till gold brownish on both sides.

6. Garnish: Drizzle or develop your personal style with the yellow and eco-friendly bean purees. Sprinkle with fresh sliced up scallions and toasted black sesame seeds.


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