If you are a disciple of gluten free food, there you may be fond of this no gluten chocolate mousse cake, certainly it would contain no gluten ingredients, original healthy.


Flourless chocolate mousse cake


It is a soft and flourless mousse cake with orange flavor and 70 percent dark chocolate. Every bite of them is an strong enjoyment!

For the cake base:

Sugar 100g
Vegetable butter 100g
Eggs 2
No gluten flour 100g
No gluten baking powder 1 teaspoon
Pure cocoa powder 2 teaspoon

For the chocolate orange mousse:

Dark chocoloate with 70% cocoa 100g
Orange half
Egg 1 and a half

1.Whip the vegetable butter and sugar with an electric egg beater
2.Add the first egg, stir with a slow pace, then whisk with high speed for 1 minute
3.Add the second egg, stir with a slow pace, then whisk with high speed for 1 minute
4.No gluten flour, baking powder and cocoa powder into another container, mix well
5.Add well-mixed flour per two times in the egg paste of step 3, mix well
6.Pour the paste into a cake mould with baking paper covering the bottom and butter brushed on the four bare inner walls, flat the surface of the mould, preheat to oven to 320F, bake for 20 minutes
7.Let cool the cake in the mould
8.Melt chocolate over water
9.Chop the orange peels, add into the chocolate, and squeeze juice of orange, add into the chocolate, separate egg, and add egg yolk into the chocolate, mix well
10.Whip the egg whites to stiff
11.Spoon a little egg white and mix into the chocolate, and then mix all the egg whites and chocolate
12.Cut half of the cake that is cooled down
13.Wipe pinch of the chocolate orange mousse onto one half
14.Cover it with another half

I’ve used 150g dark chocolate mousse for the cake, and that is too much. So I write 100g dark chocolate on this recipe