Recipe for cookie dough?

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Recipe for cookie dough?
my pals are coming round for a rest over and we intend to have cookie dough. i require a dish (with delicious chocolate chips) that you could simply consume directly after blending



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All-purpose cookie dough

Now, I truly put on ' t suggest cooking this dish “” as is””, without the variants – that would certainly be simply as well odd and mean – however the conventional dish is below so you could comprise your personal. Cookies require large little bits in them, portions of delicious chocolate, rolled oats or granola, dried out fruit such as apricots or raisins, or seeds and nuts. You could make the blend in advance and maintain it in 5cm size logs cominged in non-stick parchment in the fridge freezer, benting the finishes the method they do on steamed desserts. Simply thaw it a little and cut off discs of dough as you require them. I prefer to make my very own gelato sandwiches with these, sticking a round disc of vanilla gelato in between 2 huge cookies.

Makes a truckload of cookies!

225 g saltless butter, softened
375 g light soft brownish sugar
50 g wheel sugar
3 tsp vanilla remove
2 huge eggs
400 g ordinary flour
2 degree tsp bicarbonate of soft drink

Beat the butter, brownish sugar, wheel sugar and remove till light and cosy. Beat in the eggs, one by one, after that sort the flour and bicarb with each other and mix that with. Spoon tablespoon-sized globs on a greased tray and bake in a 170 C (150C fan-assisted) stove for 12-14mins till hardly blown and simply beginning to colour at the sides.

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' The dish was licked tidy – the youngsters enjoyed them '


For oat meal and raisin cookies, lower the flour to 300 g and include 200 g rolled oats, 1 tsp cinnamon and 200 g raisins. For dual peanut butter cookies, change the butter with 225 g crispy peanut butter (anda little milk if needed) and mix in 200-400g washed or saltless peanuts. For dark delicious chocolate portion cookies, change 50 g flour with 50 g chocolate and mix in 400 g dark or milk delicious chocolate sliced about. For apricot and almond white delicious chocolate cookies, mix in at the end 200 g sliced apricots, 200 g sliced blanched almonds and 200 g sliced white delicious chocolate.


— It is meaningless to go thru all the job and home heating the stove for just 6 cookies. Rather make a complete set, ice up the dough spheres on a parchemnt paper lined sheet, after that area in a baggie. Obtain 6 each time. Or make Huge cookies with a routine dish.

— Just locate a standard delicious chocolate chip cookie dish however put on ' t include eggs. Cool and offer.

If you consume as well much raw cookie dough,

— You ' re going to obtain a tummy pain. Don ' t do it.