Pumpkin certainly would be a high nutrition food that people choose to make dessert. Besides the flavor of pumpkin goes well with desserts. Lose fat will be available by eating pumpkin tart that I make for you.

Pumpkin tartThis tart makes me think of Halloween, the All Saints’ Day. On that day, pumpkin would be the one that people frequently use of, to make lovely pumpkin lanterns and pumpkin foods would be the choice that people make.

<For 9 tarts with diameter of 7.5cm>

For the pumpkin filling:

Pumpkin fleshes 250g
Butter 20g
Milk 15ml
Eggs 25g
Corn starch 5ml
Caster sugar 30g
Brown sugar 20g

1.Peel off the pumpkins and measure 250g pumpkin fleshes for cubes
2.Bake pumpkin cubes into the microwave for few minutes until soft and tender
3.Add butter cubes into the simmered pumpkins, stir with a chopstick until butter cubes are melted
4.Whip with an electric egg beater for a few moments, until pumpkin fleshes turn to mashes. Stir with caster sugar and brown sugar until melted. Then add milk and stir
5.Add beaten eggs, corn starch and stir
6.Sift pumpkin filling and place for use

For the chocolate tart skin:

Low protein powder 90g
Cocoa powder 10g
Caster sugar 15g
Butter 60g
Eggs 30g

1.Sift low protein powder and cocoa powder, stir in caster sugar. Cut butter into cubes and stir in with the powders
2.Scrape powder/butter mixture continuously until butter turns to particles with green bean size
3.Dig out a hole in the middle of the powder, and pour into beaten eggs
4.Mingle eggs and powder, scrape until the two are mixed well
5.Dough is okay until there is no dry powder in
6.Sprinkle some powder on the kneading board, roll the dough into 0.3 thick slice
7.Cut round slice with a cutting die
8.Place the slice into the tart mould, I use 7.5cm diameter mould
9.15 minutes’ standing with the tart skin, place a cake paper cup on the tart skin, and fill the cup with little stones or beans
10.Heat oven to 374F, bake for 15 minutes under the middle level until tart skin is expanded
11.Remove the paper cup, and fill in the tart with pumpkin filling, reset in the oven and bake for 20 minutes to 356F


1.First bake tart skin, then fill in the pumpkin filling and bake for the second time. It is to avoid the expansion of the bottom tart skin by placing heavy paper cup
2.Increase an extra 10g cocoa powder and reduce 10g low protein powder if you like dark chocolate tart skin, replace cocoa powder with same amount of low protein powder if you like original tart skin
3.Make sure to place tart skin for 15 minutes or the tart skin would shrink when baking