You may not eat truffle, but you must have heard about its name if you are fond of gourmet. It’s thought to be the san food in gourmet although it has a common appearance, however rich in price and rare in fungus.

Most of the time, the price of truffle is more attractive than its taste. Truffle is an original luxury in food, with price equal to the gold refers to black truffle, and price equal to the diamond refers to white truffle. It may seem to people that if just have a bite of the truffle, even ignore its taste would be so much enjoyable. But to tell from the truth, truffle is just an ugly tomato.

Imagine that if serves you with a plate of steak with black truffle sauce, can you reject?

But today’s dessert is nothing with the real truffle, today’s leading role is chocolate.

Chocolate truffle is a famous dessert, it’s a handmade chocolate that mimics the outer appearance of truffle by wrapping with cocoa powder on each chocolate, which looks like the truffle just come out form the soil, and so it’s named chocolate truffle.

To make the top savory chocolate truffle, there are a lot of complex requirements, such as you have to use whole wheat whiskey with specified brand and location, or use fresh and handmade chocolate with purity at required degrees. But all in all, if you just want to make your kind feelings felt by your lovers, everything turns into simple. The interest of family DIY lies in there is nothing irreplaceable, except love.


Dark chocolate truffles


Dark chocolate truffles<for 30 with no oven>

For the chocolate filling:
Dark chocolate 100g
Whipping cream 3tbsps<45ml>
Butter 12g
Brandy or Rum 1tbsp<15ml>

1.Break the 100g dark chocolate into segments, add 3 tablespoons whipping cream
2.Heat over water and keep stirring until the chocolate is totally melted
3.Add butter particles, keep stirring until the butter is melted and mixed with chocolate
4.Pour 1 tablespoon Rum or Brandy, mix well
5.Refrigerate the chocolate until it’s clotting<refrigerate for overnight would be better>
6.Dig out chocolate into round little ones, and put the chocolate balls into the plate

For the chocolate skin:
Dark chocolate 130g
Cocoa powder 50g

7.Take out 120g dark chocolate, break into segments, stir over water until it’s melted
8.Let cool until its temperature is similar with your hands’ temperature
9.Dig up a chocolate ball and put it into the melted chocolate of step 8 using a spoon, roll it just to make its surface stain with melted chocolate, and bail it out
10.Put the bail-out chocolate balls into the cocoa powder, roll the balls in the cocoa powder using another clean spoon, dig them out onto the plate
11.Wait until the chocolate balls turn into hard ones, put them into the sealed container

1.Better use dark chocolates with cocoa fat content up to 70 percent, the common chocolate only has 20 percent
2.Notice the temperature shall not be too high when heating the chocolate over water. It will affect the taste of chocolate if the temperature is too high