Today I would make macarons again! My muse is coming from a book brought several days before, and I’ve taken reference of Whitney about the recipe, and coincidently there are some freshly ground coffee beans at home, if there were not freshly ground coffee beans at your home, instant coffee powder would be okay. Before baking, I sprinkled some coffee powder and dried basil leaves for decoration.

And refers to the sweetness of macarons, some people doubt if it is eatable for over sweet, I can tell you that you can eat macarons while drinking bitter red tea or eat macarons with non-sugar filling for neutralization. And of course, share macarons with your friends would ease your load of ingesting so much sugar, isn’t it?

Let us make macarons together!

~~~Coffee Macarons~~~

For the shells:

Ingredients: 50gr almond powder, 60gr powdered sugar, 5gr grated coffee beans, 5gr instant coffee powder, 40gr egg whites, 40gr caster sugar

For the filling:
Ingredients: 60gr cream, several droplets of coffee wine, 5gr instant coffee powder, a pinch of milk

Now start.
1.Mix almond powder, powdered sugar, grated coffee powder and instant coffee powder
2.Sift the four kinds of powders for 2 times, reserve
3.Add caster sugar per 3 times into egg whites, whip the mixture into thick meringue
4.Add step 2 per 2 times(mix well and add the next) into meringue
5.Stir the meringue and powders with a knife, mix well until dried powder disappeared
6.After mix well, scoop up the paste and wipe it onto the pan for 15 times, until you find the paste is glossier than before(15 times is enough, or it will blotter almond powder)
7.Put an oil absorption paper on the ovenware, and then bag the paste into the pastry bag which has a round mouth with a diameter of 0.5-1cm, and squeeze out round shapes of 2-3cm onto the oil absorption paper, let dry for 2 hours, it would be okay until it’s not sticky and shapes a shell

Preheat the oven for 392F-410F.
Put an ovenware on the bottom of oven, and put another ovenware with macarons on into the middle level of the oven, bake for 2-3 minutes, by this time there will be 0.3cm thick “lace” on macarons, an instantly open the oven, take out the ovenware, let cool at the degree of 266F, again put the ovenware with macarons into the oven for 5 minutes

After 5 minutes, take out the bottom layer ovenware, keep baking for 2-3 minutes. At the last 1-2 minutes, cover silver paper on the macarons, avoid of coloring

Let cool, and take out the macarons from the oil absorption paper

8.Soften the cream under the room temperature, add coffee wine and coffee powder, stir well, and slowly add milk for 10gr or so, until the denseness is intermediate, while keeps good shape
9.Put the filling into the pastry bag, squeeze out 5gr onto one piece of macarons, and cover antther piece of macarons onto it, gently press it and there you have coffee macarons