When I made this chocolate caramel ice cream, I changed milk into light cream for the base, and use boiling syrup to serve as a foil to the dense of the chocolate. If the ice creams I made previously is called smooth like silk, and chocolate caramel ice cream could be called smooth like velvet.

Ingredients: 5 eggs, 125gr caster sugar, 600gr light cream, 100gr dark chocolate, 50gr cocoa powder

Chocolate caramel ice cream

Chocolate caramel ice cream

1.Pour the light cream into a slugged bottom milk pot, warm it up with slow fire until it’s just boiling, and remove fire instantly, pour dark chocolate, let it melt with the pot’s warm temperature, and add cocoa powder, mix well
2.Add 80gr sugar into egg yolks, whip it until the sugar is melted and egg wash turns into thick and pale
3.Mix the chocolate liquid and egg yolk syrup, set up a pan with water of the milk pot, warm it up with slow fire, stir until it’s sticky. Remove the fire
4.Add the rest 45gr caster sugar into a pot, add equal quantity of water, boil with gentle fire, do NOT stirring. At the moment the water content in syrup is evaporated and begins to blow small bubbles with a light amber color, remove the fire, and warm up over temperature for 1-2 minutes
5.Pour the caramel into the ice cream liquid and mix well. Cover the container with plastic wrap, put it into the fridge and freeze for 2 hours or so after cooling down, take it out until it’s half clotted. Whip it with a fast pace for one time, and seal it up, put it into the fridge again and freeze for 2 hours, then mix again. Repeat 2 times and freeze until it’s clotted. <notice not to burn your hands when pouring the caramel>

1.If you prefer a light flavor, you can change to use light cream+whole milk, and the ratio is 300gr light cream: 300gr whole milk
2.Better not to stir while boiling the syrup or the syrup will be a failure. When clean the syrup pot, add water until it’s covered with syrup trace, and boil a while with fire, the syrup will cleaned after it is melted