When I was in college, I used to have dinner in a nice French restaurant in Vancouver, and I ordered a famous Cream Brulee Trio, since that day I was deeply attracted by this dessert. So that every time I had dinner in a western restaurant, if only the menu has got a brulee, I definitely would order it to eat. Except the very first time the Cream Brulee I ate, the Cream brulee made by a restaurant called Current located at Fork’s Market in Winnipeg was also fabulous!

Although the name of brulee sounds senior, its ingredients are very simple, and the making is not complicated. The key lies in fresh ingredients and a good vanilla stick. Vanilla stick here is expensive, so I used vanilla extract instead. And every Christmas day I would buy a bag of eggnog to drink instead of coffee. And the rest eggnog is used to bake brulee, egg with egg, milk with milk, the taste is really full-bodied.


Eggnog cream brulee



Egg yolks 4
Eggnog 2 cups
Caster sugar 2 tablespoons
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon

1.Add a teaspoon vanilla extract into egg yolks, whip the egg yolks with an egg beater, until the egg yolks turn into a pale color dense
2.Boil the eggnog with medium and big fire until it bubbles
3.Pour slowly the eggnog into the well-whipped egg yolks, keep stirring while pour
4.Sift egg wash 2 times, the second time you can sift directly into the mould
5.Heat oven to 325F, put the mould into the oven, inject water with a half weight of the mould into the ovenware, bake for 35-40 minutes, only middle of the mould trembles means okay when shaking the ovenware
6.Take out the brulee, let cool, and put it into the freezer, refrigerate for more than 4 hours. Sprinkle brown sugar on it, and bake to a golden and brown color with an airbrush, wait for 5-10 minutes after the sugar shells take shape