Everytime I was making doughnuts an attractive aroma fulfilled all of the rooms in my house! And this time again! The banana doughnuts are not just yummy but also nutritious to your every day diet.

Banana doughnuts

Low protein flour: 210g
Baking powder: 9g
Caster sugar: 51g
Banana<peeled>: 90g-100g
Milk: 35g
Egg: 40g
Sugar: 25g
Oil: 1teaspoon

1. Put the banana into a food bag, press hard and crush, then add flour, sugar, milk, egg with an order, knead well. Place the dough for 20 minutes for a better fuse
2. Take out a dough for about 40g, dig a hole with your finger, and slowly shapes a doughnut, or you can use a doughnut mold directly
3. Add oil into a pan, when the oil temperature arrives at 338F, stir-fry the doughs in the pan, occasionaly turn over the dough until two sides are golden and brown
4. Put the doughnuts on the oil blotting paper for absorbing extra oil
5. Let cool and sprinkle some icing sugar for dressing

Then how to make original doughnuts?

High protein flour: 180g
Water: 95g
Dried yeast: 1teaspoon
Butter: 18g
Caster sugar: 25g
Eggs: 25g
Salt: 3g
Milk powder: 6g
Oil for frying: 250g
Icing sugar for dressing: pinch

1. Soften the butter, add in caster sugar, salt, whisk with an egg beater until puffy
2. Add in milk powder and stir well, then add eggs per several times, and mix well
3. Mix until it turns into a butter paste
4. Dissolve the dried yeast into water, pour the flour into the butter paste, and pour in the yeast water and remaining water
5. Knead dough until a little transparent with your hands or with the help of a shortener. Ferment under room temperature by covering a wet towel or a plastic wrap on the dough
6. Wait until the dough is 2.5 times bigger than the previous one, that is finished. Generally the yeast time would be 1 hour, the higher the temperature, the faster it will ferment
7. Let go of the air by pressing the dough with your hands, then place the dough under room temperature for 15 minutes
8. Roll the dough into a 1.1cm slice and place for another 10 minutes
9. Cut the slice into doughnut shapes with a doughnut mold
10. Put the doughnuts on the ovenware where sprinkled flour. In winter, put the doughnuts into the oven, and at the same time put in a plate of water, by this way the doughnuts will ferment under the function of the temperature of the oven
11. Heat the pot with oil, stir-fry the doughnuts until two sides are golden and brown, drain the doughnuts and let cool
12. Sprinkle some icing sugar for dressing