It takes half of the night to make it, but only needs several minutes to eat up. And that is the charm of black cherry almond tart.
It is unlike the normal tart whose tart skin is not a general one but a dense and thick almond cake with soft and smooth cheese, along with savory and sweet black cherries, the taste shall be not only abundant but also gorgeous.

When speaking of this tart, there are two characteristics that I have to refer to: one is that I use only 5g flour in dense almond cake, and the rest is all almond powders, so the flavor must be “dense”; the other is cheese filling. I add powders of biscotti in the filling, although it is non-baked, but the combination of two after absorbing the water content of cheese by biscotti powders increases a flavor of baked cheese cake.

Black cherry & Almond tart

For the almond cake base:
Butter: 35g
Caster sugar: 18g
Lemon peels: 1/2 teaspoon
Vanilla extract: several droplets
Cherry wine: 1/2 tablespoon
Egg whites: 10g
Egg yolk: 1
Almond powder: 35g
Medium protein flour: 5g

1. Soften butter with sugar, whip until puffy and color turns into pale
2. Stir in lemon peels and vanilla extract in the whipped butter and keep whisking
3. Beat egg whites and egg yolk and stir in whipped butter per two times
4. Keep whisking until eggs and butter are utterly melted together. Add the next egg after total integration of the frist mixture of egg and butter
5. Stir in cherry wine in butter mixture and mix well
6. Combine the almond powders and medium protein flour into the butter mixture
7. Using a scraper, scrape the powders with butter mixture
8. Prepare a 6 inch cake mold and pour the cake paste into the cake mold
9. Press the surface of the cake paste with a spoon, put the cake mold into preheated 356F oven and bake for 20 minutes. After that, let cool and demould

For the cherry filling:
Cream cheese: 80g
Biscotti: 16g
Cheery wine: 1/2 teaspoon
Whipping cream: 45ml
Black cherry can, drained: 200g

1. Put the biscotti into the food processor and mash
2. Soften the cream cheese after room temperature and stir in boscotti powders
3. Pour in 1/2 teaspoon cherry wine
4. Whip the cream cheese with an electric mixer to make the biscotti powders, cherry wine and cream cheese well incorporated
5. Add in 1/3 whipping cream, about 15ml
6. Keep whipping and after the wihpping cream and cheese paste are well incorporated, add the remaining whipping cream per two times
7. Whip until the cheese paste is smooth and light
8. Wipe the cheese paste onto the cooled dense almond cake surface

For the dressing: pinch of icing sugar
1. Lay the drained black cherries on the cheese paste
2. Sprinkle some icing sugar on the black cherries before eating

1. You can replace cherry wine with rum or brandy if you can’t get it
2. You can also replace biscotti with commonly seen digestive biscuits, but I recommend biscotti for a best taste and you can make biscotti all by yourself
3. Better use the 100% American almonds grinded almond powders, do not use almond paste to make this dessert
4. The cream cheese might not be softened easily, you can heat the cream cheese by microwave for dozens of seconds or heat over water

Here is how to make biscotti all by yourself.



Low protein flour: 200g
Eggs: 85g
Milk: 35g
Sugar: 100g
Almond: 80g
Salt: 4g
Vanilla extract: 2.5ml
Baking powder: 5g
Egg wash: pinch

1. Combine all the ingredients except eggs, milk. Make sure the almond shall be mashed first
2. Stir in beaten eggs and milk, knead to a dough. Roll the dough into a long strip, brush a layer of egg wash and put in a ovenware, then preheat oven to 320F and put the ovenware in the middle level, bake for 40 minutes until golden and brown
3. After that, let cool and cut into 1cm slices
4. Spread out the slices onto the ovenware, preheat oven to 275F and bake for another 30 minutes until water drained

1. Biscotti needs baking for two times, the first time is for shaping and the second time is for draining of water
2. The dough that has been baked for the first time shall let cool for a while, or it will crash whening cutting
3. The dough at first would be very sticky, you can get help with the rolling pin to mix slightly until non-sticky, do not over-knead the dough
4. Biscotti is a kind of hard biscuit, very suitable for sweet wine or dark coffee