The frozen yogurt has now been received by people all over the world who love gourmet and health. Low fat, low sugar, low calory, these all make girls crazy about it—ice cream makes you slim.


Mango frozen yogurt

Mango frozen yogurt


Frozen yogurt comes from Korea and is popular in Europe and United States. There are a lot of frozen yogurt shops opened in the United States by Korean people. A conventional frozen yogurt shop has a soft ice cream machine, and the ingredients are imported yogurt ice cream powder from Australia and the United States. Different brands have different tastes but the principle of making frozen yogurt is the same, basic ingredients are vary and modified at most.

The original American frozen yogurt is rich in probiotics, every bite of the frozen yogurt is smooth and refreshing, and you will not feel thirsty after eating it up.
Today I would like to share you with mango frozen yogurt, you can make it well if you master the two key steps. The first step is to stew egg milk paste; the second step is to scrape into light cream.

For the self-made yogurt:

Milk 2bags
Yogurt gateway 2tbsps

For the egg milk paste:

Milk 2bags
Eggs 2<only egg yolks needed>
White sugar 6tsps


Mangoes  6

1.Mix the milk and yogurt, and put it into the yogurt machine for 12 hours
2.Add milk into a pan, heat with gentle fire, beat egg yolks and add slowly into the milk
3.Keep stirring fast while stewing with gentle fire, avoid of egg yolk wash becoming egg flower, add 6tsps white sugar
4.Mix continuously until milk is sticky and remove the heat. Let cool
5.Peel off the mangoes
6.Cut the mango fleshes into little cubes
7.Pour them into the egg milk paste
8.Add yogurt in
9.Mix well and ice cream paste is ready
10.Take out a container, and pour the ice cream paste into it, until the container is 90% filled
11.Cover it and put into the fridge, freeze for over 5 hours. Mix a time every 1 hour
12.After 10 minutes’ standing, there we have mango frozen yogurt