Lavender has its unique fragrance that adds this biscuits a special flavor easily. The flavor is not so strong that won’t cover the savor of butter, but will stay between your lips and teeth. And it brings to you a refreshing taste feeling with the fresh lemon peels. So I think these ingredients are matching each other so perfectly and together make a plain biscuit harmonious and rich in taste.

I’ve made two bags of them for my friends, and leave some for my after-dinner dessert, it surprises me that the flavor is better than the fresh one just from oven that I stealed to eat. And I think the reason must be all the ingredients might well mixed overnight. I put them into my locker of the desk, every time I open the locker it fills my nose with a delicious flavor and seems to say to me”Eat me! Eat me please!” So I eat them one by one without stop.

And many seventeen girls might have dreams about Provence, lavenders all over the mountains and plains, it’s a velvet flower sea full of beautiful and romantic feeling. I might not be that seventeen girl again for I’m over the youth age of all fantasies in my head, so I could only look for the Provence feeling from the dough in the oven of my kitchen.

Frankly speaking,that’s not so bad, hahaha….


Lemon and lavender biscuits


Lemon lavender biscuits<For about 25-30 pieces>

Ingredients: 100gr butter, 50gr white sugar, 102gr low protein flour, 33gr corn starch, 1gr salt, 1 teaspoon lemon peel flecks, 1 teaspoon lavender

1.Peel off the lemon and do NOT keep the white parts, chop them into flecks
2.Soften the butter, add sugar per several times, whip it to a foam
3.Add lemon peels and lavender, mix well
4.Sift in low protein flour and corn starch
5.Knead it into a dough with your hands
6.Shape it square, package it with a plastic wrap, freeze for half an hour or so
7.Take it out and place under room temperature for a while, cut it into 5mm slices and bake for 15 minutes

This lemon and lavender biscuit especially surprised me when I was in making of them, bursts of perfumed lavender and fragrance of butter mixed each other blowing in my face, they are more attractive than common butter biscuits. When I was eating, the biscuit just melted in my mouth, and I could not taste any dregs of lavender, it might be the high temperature baking that the lavender had become crisp!

PS: I used to have insomnia, so I bought lavender and put it in the water to drink. The effect gets well, I have slept peacefully in many nights, thanks to lavender. And you can order a lavender pillow from England farms if you have insomnia like me too. All in all, lavender is beneficial to your sleep. Better get your insomnia well in time, for this kind of disease is really tolerated for many people who are suffering now. I’ve tried to be awake for several nights and did not sleep a while, it is so dreadful and disgusting that days, even I walked on the street I could feel my dreadfulness and exhaustion. I do not want to feel that feeling again.