Lately many friends have complains about how to make tart. And it seems like that I haven’t make a tart recipe yet. And they wonder how to make tart since it testifies so much hand making skill, just like the crispy. Don’t ever be scared of the complex course of folding, for it is really simple if you do! And this mile-feuille can be used to make egg tart, all kinds of tarts and Mcdonald’s pie crust.

Apricot jam tart

Apricot jam tart

A.200gr high protein flour, 25 low protein flour, 1 egg, 110gr water, 15gr melted butter, 15gr sugar, 1gr salt,
B.135gr butter, pinch apricot jam

1.Prepare the ingredients
2.Mix all the ingredients of A, and knead it into a smooth dough
3.After work dough, put the dough into a storage bag, freeze into the refrigerator for 20 minutes
4.Weight the butter
5.Put the butter into a bigger storage bag, and roll it into a square, put it into the freezer for turning to hard
6.Sprinkle some powder on the counter, roll the dough into a 2 times bigger rectangle than butter which is wrapped into the dough, put the butter piece on one side, and cover the other dough closely. Roll it into a rectangle, and then fold it 4 times, wipe powder on it, and freeze for 30 minutes
7.Beat gently of the rectangle, and fold it 4 times again, and after the second folds, there you have a rectangle too, and then fold one-side dough into the middle part, and then cover the other side dough on it. This is called a 3 folds. Freeze for 20 minutes. And the procedure is called 4+4+3
8.Take out the dough from the freezer onto the counter that is pre-sprinkled powder. And roll the dough into a 0.3cm thick wrapper
9.Preheat the oven for 392F, top and bottom heat at the middle level, bake for 15-20 minutes
10.Wrap the apricot jam onto the tarts

Tips: Make sure you’are fast when making the dough, or the dough will be sticked onto the counter, and the layers of the tart will be damaged. If you feel the dough is turning into soft, make sure to put it into the fridge for freezing, take it out and make next steps until it’s slightly harder.

And that’s all the procedures of how to make tart. And I think good tarts shall be crisp with less rough taste, and you can add whatever you like with the jams, apple jam, peanut jam, ketchup…and so on. And it turns out to be your unique tart!