Lemon tart is a dessert that almost every dessert shop in France holds. It is one of the most common dessert, but has a specialty of moderate sweet and sour, not greasy but crisp on the bottom of the tart. Yummy and nutritious´╝ü

Lemon tart

For the pate sablee:
250g low protein flour
100g powdered sugar
140g softend butter
1 egg yolk

1. Sift flour in a cooking pot, add in powdered sugar and softened butter, knead to a state of mud with your hands
2. Add in egg yolk and knead dough, cover it with a plastic wrap and put in refridgerator for approximately one hour
3. Freeze the remainling pate sablee by covering a plastic wrap, can preserve for 3 months

For the lemon jam:
2 lemons
120ml fresh lemon juice
120g caster sugar
3 whole eggs
175g softend butter

1. Peel off the two lemons with a knife, soften butter in other cooking pot
2. Heat a little pot with medium fire, put in lemon juice, caster sugar, eggs, lemon peels
3. Remove the fire when the mixture has no bubble in and becomes dense and thick
4. Stir hard to avoid condensing of the lemon jam, filter into the butter cooking pot after dense and thick
5. Blend for 2 minutes in a blender, let cool
6. Put the lemon jam into the prepared tart skin, and refrigerate

For the French meringue:
2 Egg whites
100g caster sugar
A pinch of salt

1. Add a pinch of salt in egg whites
2. Whip to a foam, and add caster sugar for the first time
3. Whip until soft peaks form, then add caster sugar for the second time
4. Whip until stiff peaks form, add caster sugar for the third time
5. It would be okay until sticky and gloss
6. Grill the surface of the meringue to an amber color with a fire lance