Desserts are a must-have end of the meal treat that most people enjoy every day. It is a sweet way of completing the dinner especially on festive days. But the health conditions are not the same for everyone in the family. Some are diabetic while others are suffering from obesity or celiac problems. So it has become very important to store some of the healthy ingredients in your kitchen so that you can prepare tasty desserts for every member of your family irrespective of age.

Gluten-free food is important for those people who have celiac disease or is sensitive to this type of protein present in wheat, barley, rye etc. So when preparing your desserts you have to use gluten-free flour like almond flour, coconut flour etc. Other ingredients that you must have ready at hand are sugar substitutes, vanilla extract or vanilla essence, fresh fruits, nuts, sugar-free chocolate chips and unsweetened fruit shortenings.

Here is one of the tastiest desserts that you can serve that is free from gluten contents.

Mango and Coconut Ring

Mango and Coconut Ring

1. For the gelatin mold you will require 2 tablespoons canola oil.
2. 2 ripe mangoes.
3. 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice and not the canned juice.
4. 1 cup heavy cream (fat-free or low-fat).
5. ½ cup coconut cream.
6. 3 large egg whites.
7. 1/3 cup sugar/sugar substitute.
How to Prepare:

• Wash, peel and dice the mangoes.
• In a food processor put the mango pieces and lemon juice to make a puree.
• Prepare the pan by brushing the gelatin mold with little oil or line a 9-inch pan y with plastic wrap.
• Spread the mango puree evenly over the bottom of the pan.
• Take a large bowl and with a hand blender beat the coconut cream and heavy cream until you get the soft peaks. Put it in the refrigerator.
• In another bowl beat the egg whites and sugar to form stiff peaks.
• Now combine the whipped cream and the egg whites well to get a smooth consistency.
• Spread the cream and egg mixture over the mango puree. Cover it and keep it in the refrigerator for the night.
• Remove the set dessert from the pan, discard the plastic wrap.
• Make small slices and serve.
This dessert is absolutely free from any kinds of flour that has gluten. So you can serve more than a slice and enjoy them yourself too.