This kind of crisp frangipane is so delicious! All the ingredients match each other so well and harmony, the rough sugar around the surface of frangipane is necessary for layering and pinch almond powder is added to enrich the taste. Delicious desserts always bring people good mood.




Yeasted butter 115g
Caster sugar 65g
Pinch vanilla extract
Sea salt 1.5g
Egg yolks 15g
Low protein flour 71g
High protein flour 71g
Almond powder 18g
Pinch rough sugar and egg whites

1.Soften the butter, gently mix, add vanilla extract, whip until it turns into a pale color
2.Add egg yolks, mix hard
3.Whip until the sugar is utterly melted and volume is expanded for 2-2.5 times, with a pale color
4.Sift the powders, and sift them into the well-whipped butter
5.Knead dough into a pillar, freeze for half an hour to 1 hour or so
6.Brush the surface of the pillar with egg whites, sprinkle rough sugar and roll around
7.Cut the pillar into 7mm round ones, put them all onto ovenware and into the oven
8.bake 10 minutes under 356F, and change into 338F for 15 minutes, according to your oven, there will be a little difference on time
9.Let cool