Pls could i have a cookie dough recipie i just want to eat it raw like Ben & Jerrys

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Pls might i have a cookie dough recipie i simply intend to consume it raw like Ben & & Jerrys. In grams please many thanks.?
I simply desire a raw cookie dough dish please like the cookie dough you enter ben and jerrys. Due to the fact that in english, in grams. Many thanks.



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cookie dough isn ' t dangerous to consume, unless you consume the whole dish. Simply however the roll in the market that ' s unbaked if you like it that a lot. Maintain it in your fridge freezer, and removed computers to consume. Or else, discover an excellent dish (i.e. on the pkg of choc chips, Toll House Cookies), make it, after that roll right into a log. Cover with wax paper or roil, place in an impermeable bag and freeze. Utilize much like the mkt one. p.s. I enjoy cookie dough as well!


— Eating raw cookie dough in huge quantities isn ' t healthy and balanced at-all. Ben & & Jerry ' s transforms it around making it edible in an icecream. Lol you dumbbbb.