This is my first time to make light cream cheesecake. It’s similar with making chiffon, but the subtle difference differs at the reduction of flour and adding of cream cheese. If you know how to make chiffon, and make light cream cheesecake is not a difficult thing to do.

Light cream cheesecake

Light cream cheesecake with salted butter

<For a 6 inch rould mould, double it for a 8 inch round one>

Ingredients: 125gr cream cheese, 2 eggs<the bigger the better>, 50gr whipping cream, 75gr yogurt, 33gr low protein flour, 50gr caster sugar
Baking: water bath, in the bottom level of the oven, heat to 320F, bake for one hour to 70 minutes

1.You can use settled mould or movable mould. If you use settled mould, better cover the bottom of the mould with a right size oil paper or silver paper, if you use a movable mould, take out the movable bottom, package it with silver paper for the demoulding of the cake
2.Wrap a layer of butter on the mould wall
3.Take out the cream cheese, whipping cream and yogurt from the fridge, weight them and put them into the food processor, mash them until there is no particle.<When making this step, you can also place the cream cheese under room temperature for softening, and then add whipping cream and yogurt, whip it to a smoothness. The shortage of this way is much time is taken and need more time to refrigerate>
4.After mash the cream cheese, pour them into a big bowl
5.Add two eggs into the bowl, whip it with an egg beater
6.Sift the low protein flour into the cream cheese paste, mix well with a knife
7.Keep mixing until the flour and cream cheese paste are totally melted into each other. Put it into a fridge for cold storage<If you take the step of softening cream cheese under room temperature and whip it to a smoothness, by this way the paste might be a little watery, and it needs to refrigerate for a long time until it’s dense again and takes the next step. But if you whip it by a food processor, less time is needed for cold storage>
8.Whip egg whites to a foam, add 1/3 sugar and keep whipping
9.Whip the egg whites to a denseness, add more 1/3 sugar, beat it until there are lines on the surface, add the rest 1/3 sugar, until the egg whites are close to stiff<NOT stiff>
10.Lift the egg beater and draw out a spinous angle, with a little curve on the top of the angle, and the egg whites are well-beaten
11.Take out the cheese paste from the fridge when it is dense, dig out 1/3 egg whites into the cheese paste
12.Mix the two with a knife. Stir form bottom to the top, do NOT swirl, or the well-beaten eggs will lose their bubbles, which leads to the shrink or collapse or the cake directly, even unable to expand
13.Mix the egg whites and cheese paste well, pour back into the egg white bowl
14.Keep mixing egg whites and cheese paste, remember NOT swirl
15.The cake mixture shall be very dense and thick, if too watery or has a lot of little bubbles, it will fail
16.If you use a movable mould, package the bottom of the mould with silver paper, avoid of water coming in with the next water bath step, if you use a settled mould, it could be omitted
17.Pour the cake paste into the mould
18.Trickle water into the ovenware for about 3cm high
19.Put the cake mould into the ovenware<in water>, and then put the ovenware into the bottom level of the 320F preheated oven, bake for 1 hour or 70 minutes until the surface is colored and the cake is utterly clotting, press it use your fingers, no flow motion is felt, turn off the switch of your oven
20.The fresh out cake is fragile and do NOT demould instantly. Demould it after cool down.<Never rotate it like chiffon>. Refrigerate for over 4 hours

1.They add lemon juice in many recipes, but I think cream cheese itself has a sour taste, and the ingredients contain yogurt, so I don’t think lemon juice is needed in this cake
2.It’s normal that there is a space in cake for shrinking, because it contains little flour in this cake, it all depends on the braced force of the solidified eggs
3.Water bath method is needed for light cream cheesecake, or the surface of the cake would be too dry and cracked. And the cake shall baked fully, or the inner part would be too moisture and soft
4.Please refrigerate the cake for at least 4 hours and then enjoy
5.Could I use any other cream instead of cream cheese? Actually you could, i.e., the commonly seen cheddar cheese would be okay. But different cheese has its different hardness, some cheeses will be softened for a long time, while cream cheese is softer and finer, so I suggest cream cheese for making the light cream cheesecake