Coffee & Almond Cookies -The Perfect Couple

Coffee & almond cookies by your hand, the aroma of the afternoon tea and dessert fill every corner of the room, and the sun shines on the wooden table through the gaps of the curtain.

I like the dense fragrance of the coffee, and I like to make dessert with coffee. Today this dessert is called coffee & almond cookies, as it can be seen from the title, I add not only coffee, but also some almonds, which is sweet and crispy with good flavor.

coffee & almond cookies

Efficacies of the coffee

First, coffee helps digestion. The caffeine in coffee is able to stimulate nerves and muscles of our human body. Thus, it can help pepping up people’s spirits and resisting fatigue. Further still, coffee helps digestion of the intestines and stomach. What’s more, coffee is likely to resolve fat.

Second, coffee helps losing weight. Coffee itself contains little calories, which means it can help lose fat. The high calories that people used to refer hide in the sugar and milk cream in coffee. So, add less sugar and milk cream, therefore you can use coffee to keep fit and lose weight.

Relieve pains. People who usually have headache because of insomnia, drink a cup of coffee would help them get some easement.

Third, coffee helps preventing eyes dry. The ratio of affecting dry eyes by people who drink coffee is lower than people who don’t. It is because coffee contains an element called purine, which could function as a safeguard for our eyes.


Efficacies of the almond

First, almond is able to relieve coughs and constipation. Almond also helps treat lung disease.

Second, the rich source of polyphenolic and flavonoid components in almond is able to reduce the content of cholesterol. Further still, it is able to reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Third, almond helps preventing tumor. Almond is able to improve the status of patients who has affected with cancer. And, almond is able to prolong their lifespan.

Fourth, almond helps beautifying your skin and helps facilitating the circulation of our skin.

Recipe of the coffee & almond cookies


Butter                           100g

Sugar                             50g

Egg liquid                       30g

Black coffee powder     15g

Plain flour                     180g

Almond                          50g


Soften butter and then add in sugar, beat evenly with an electric beater.

Add in egg liquid per three times, and each time beat evenly.

Beat the butter and egg liquid until utterly fused.


Sift plain flour and black coffee powder into the butter mixture.


Knead dough, and pour in the almonds.

Knead almonds and dough evenly.


Tidy the dough into a long one with you hands covered by plastic wrap. Next, pick the dough into the mold, and keep it in cool storage until hard, it took a hour for me to make this step.

Pre-heat the oven for 338 F degrees, and take out the stick, next, cut the stick into pieces of 0.5 – 0.6 mm thickness, then, place them onto the pan that was previously covered by silver paper, and bake them for 25 minutes with the same degrees.

The fragrance of coffee and crispy almonds makes the perfect couple.


Reflections for the dessert coffee & almond cookies

It is easier said than done. That is an old saying, but it can be used in making dessert. This kind of dessert has totally 8 steps, which seems so simple; however, you have to put all of your efforts in. what weighs first in a dessert? Definitely it is the flavor. But, is only the flavor that you taste all in a dessert? No. It is the heart, the efforts and the fulfillment of the maker that you can taste all from a dessert. That is to say, whether a dessert is good or bad, the one who eat it has the say. He can feel whether the maker puts his heart and efforts into the dessert. So, don’t look down upon the great pays that are paid for.