Oat and Honey Cookies:-)?

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Oat and Honey Cookies:–RRB-? If I could still make them without flour or baking soft drink,
Hi I was asking yourself. I do have: Porridge oats, Honey, sugar, salt, eggs, butter, nuts, vanilla significance. Many thanks beforehand!



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If you ' re desiring real oat meal cookies, you need to utilize some sort of flour, however there are great deals of gluten-free kinds, like potato flour, if that ' s what you ' re aiming to prevent. It seems like you ' re attempting for no-bake cookies if you ' re simply looking for simplicity.

Here ' s a fundamental no-bake dish:

I would certainly envision you can simply leave out the delicious chocolate. The honey needs to imitate a binder to change the peanut butter, however they might be a little runnier with the honey rather.


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