Novelty cupcake ideas

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Novelty cupcake suggestions. (10POINTS)?
I ' ve currently done these:

just what else exists???



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Spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes are my perpetuity favored yet guide Hello, Cupcake has a great deal of wonderful suggestions. This web link reveals the pastas and meatball cupcakes to name a few:…

Then there ' s teddy bear barbecue mug cakes;
Frost cupcake with eco-friendly icing icing, spray some vivid tiny sweets or sprays as blossoms, poke in 2 or 3 teddy grahams and a small beverage sunshade.
dreadful pictures right here yet might aid no matter:…

Basket of roses cupcake:…

Lots of great ideas at Family Fun:


— What regarding making butterfly cakes and really enhancing the ' wings ' with topping like genuine butterfly wings?

Sorry I ' m not a cake individual so I have no idea if that ' s possible it simply appears like something that would certainly be truly trendy!

— We KNOW somebody will certainly obtain 10 POINTS so you ' re refraining from doing anything unique by claiming that.

Attempt cupcakes made with a fruitcake mix

— With anchovies
Dessert & & Salty fantastic

— attempt these ones i like them they taste wonderful and look fab

— Can you offer an additional 10 directs greater than we obtain currently. I didn ' t understand that.…