New Dessert In Old Dish – Mashed Potato Puff

Mashed potato puff – Many years later when you think of the mashed potato, what will you think about? In my memories, I would think of the little paper cup of mashed potatoes with a thin layer of chicken soup, and that makes me recognize how much I miss the flavor of my childhood. However, those memories are only memories which you can not bring it back to the present days. Since we are now experiencing all kinds of delicious food with variety of sauces and seasoners, it makes more difficult to taste the food with original flavor. But, if we want to “copy” the old taste in our memories, we should make some efforts and exercise our brains.

So, today I am going to introduce you with a dessert of mashed potato puff. The dessert is a further progress in the ordinary flavor of mashed potatoes. The mashed potato puff is seasoned with fresh chicken sauce and combined with juicy bacon, after baking with oven, the smell of the milky and green onion flavor cheese sends off fragrance to all of the rooms in your house.

mashed potato puff

Efficacies of mashed potatoes

  1. Protection of heart and cerebral vessels. As we all know that, potato contains rich potassium, which can effectively prevent blood pressure. What else, the vitamin C in potato is not only able to protect the brain cells, but also to lower the cholesterol in the blood, so as to make the vessels elastic and is able to prevent arteriosclerosis.
  2. Losing weight. The calories in potato are lower than those in grains. It means that the potato is an ideal food for weight loss. Because it contains only 0.1 percent fat – the lowest content of all the hunger kind of food. To eat potatoes everyday it is able to reduce the ingestion of fat.

Taboos in potatoes

  1. Make sure the potatoes are peeled off or else you would get poisoning.
  2. It is not propriate to soak potatoes in water for a long time, because the nutrients of water soluble vitamins would be lost for soaking over too long.
  3. Don’t buy green potatoes or else you would get poisoning.
  4. The mashed potatoes and French fries in fast food would destroy the vitamin C and lead to caner.

Recipe of mashed potato puff


Potatoes                 1kg

Eggs                    3

Cheese powder            125g

Diced bacons             100g

Diced green onions         50g

Chicken soup              15g

Parmesan cheese powder    50g

Black pepper powder      pinches

Sour cream              pinches


Peel off and dice the potatoes. Next, put them into a pan and add some water.

Boil the potatoes until it is easy to pierce through the potatoes with a chopstick. And then, pour out the water and boil it for 1 minute again so as to evaporate the remaining water.


Pour the potatoes into a big bowl. Next, mash the potatoes with an electric beater.

Dice the green onions and bacons.


And diced green onions, bacons, eggs and parmesan cheese powder into the mashed potatoes and stir evenly.

And then add fresh chicken soup and blend evenly.


Brush the pan with corn oil and spoon all the mashed potatoes into the pan, next, chop some parmesan on the mashed potatoes.

Preheat the oven with 392 F degrees and then put the pan into the oven and bake for 30 – 40 minutes or so until it is golden and brown.


After cooling, top the puff with a teaspoon of sour cream and some chopped green onions.


Tips for mashed potato puff

  1. While the key for this dessert lies in that the it is proper to preserve the mashed potatoes with the previous hardness after seasoning. Or else it is not conducive to the molding of puff during the baking. Whereas, it is the denseness and freshness of chicken soup that make this step easier to succeed.
  2. When making the mashed potatoes in step 2, many people choose to use expertise tools, but, actually it is more convenient to use electric beater used to whip cream.
  3. You could add or substract the consumption of cheese powder, bacons and green onions according to your own will.