Need Good cookie recipe?

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Need Good cookie dish?
Making cookies require excellent dish



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Read 1 Dough, 50 Cookies, by Linda Doeser, ISBN 978 -1-4075-2862-5 price ₤ 8.99
This offers fundamental dough dish, and 50 added dishes.

Basic Cookie Dough

225 g/8oz butter
140 g/5oz castor sugar
1 egg yolk, gently defeated
2 tsp vanilla remove
280 g/10z plain flour

mix and massaged with each other. You could utilize this base combined with guide for the 50 dishes.


— Hi! I made these the other day and there’s just one. Mind you, I made just half the dish for my hubby and I. …

Raisin Cookies:

2 mugs (260grams) all objective flour

2 tsps cooking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 mug (210grams) brown sugar

12tbsps (170grams) saltless butter, softened

1 big egg

1/4 mug (60ml) milk

1 tsp pure vanilla remove

1 mug (125grams) dark raisins

Raisin Cookies: Preheat stove to 375 levels F (190levels C) and put the stove shelf in the facility of the stove. Line 2 cooking sheets with parchment paper.

In the dish of your electrical mixer, defeated with each other the flour, cooking powder, salt, and ground cinnamon. Include the brownish sugar, softened butter, egg, milk, and vanilla remove and beat for one min. Include the raisins and beat till included.

Go down the batter by loading teaspoonfuls into the ready flat pan, spacing the cookies a number of inches apart. Cook the cookies for concerning 8-10mins, or till the tops of the cookies are simply hardly touched with shade yet the sides are gold brownish. Get rid of from stove and transfer the cookies to a cake rack to cool down.

Makes concerning 4 loads cookies.

These are very delicious!!!!

— Tollhouse delicious chocolate chip cookies are simply traditional. They ' re great and also much better as cookie dough

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