Mushroom Bread-Are you eating mushroom or bread?

Have you ever heard of mushroom bread? Basically you may think that it’s a kind of bread that is made of by mushroom? Haha.. The answer is, on the conttrary, obviously no. Because neither of it is made of mushroom, actually. However, it’s just a kind of bread that looks like a real mushroom on its appearance. Therefore, it is very cute in appearance while with a good taste, it’s kind of a dessert that you can not resist.

The efficacies of the dessert mushroom bread

The mushroom bread today we make contains walnuts and sesames. So it’s high in nutrition, but do you know how nutritional this kind of dessert? Let’s have a see.

First of all, let us talk about the walnuts. Walnut is a sort of nuts which is dubbed as the king of the nuts. According to American dietetic association, they suggest people eat walnuts 2 or 3 times once a week. Especially the elderly and postmenopausal women, because walnuts contains arginine, oleic acid and antioxidants, which are beneficial for protecting cardiovascular and preventing coronary heart disease, stroke, dementia and etc. however, do not eat walnuts too much per one time, for it would affect people’s digestion.

Second, eat walnuts frequently is able to benefit not only the nutrition of our brains, but also the improvement of our intellect. So I think it is meaningful because walnut’s appearance is just like our brain, with so many “moats” that could really help our brains’ development with age growing.

Third, walnuts are beneficial for whitening our skins. The elderly who have skin aging problems should eat walnuts routinely. And walnuts are also helpful for anti-aging. In medical treatment, walnuts are used as the adjuvant for curing neurasthenia. Furthermore, walnuts can postpone the recession of memory.

Last but not the least, people who are affected by cholelith disease are persuaded to eat walnuts due to walnuts are good for the disease and also could probably avoid the pain of surgery.

On one hand, we have talked about the effects of walnuts, and on the other hand, let’s talk about the efficacies of sesame. Yet high in so many nutritional items especially iron, as well as 100g sesames contain 50mg iron. So, sesame has the best function of enriching the blood.

At the same time, sesame contains large oil and grease which is good for the pregnant women who have constipation problem.

Since we have known the efficacies of this dessert mushroom bread, why not prepare all the ingredients now according to the recipe as follows and get started to make your own mushroom bread in such a sunny day? I think that would be both fun and nice.

Recipe Ingredients

Flour             300g

Water             150g

Sugar             20g

Yeast              3g

Milk powder        20g

Coco powder        plenty

Walnuts            70g

Black sesame        35g

White sesame        35g

Dark sugar          100g


—For the bread

Pour in 300g flour, 20g sugar, 20g milk powder in a container, and then stir yeast in 95 F degrees of water and place it for several minutes, then following the last step, pour the yeast slowly into the powder container.


Use a chopstick to stir the powder while pouring the yeast liquid.


Knead it into a paste and put it in warm place, then, let it ferment to 2 times than before.


—For the filling

Bake the 70g walnuts for 15 minutes and then put it in a cool place for cooling.


Put the baked walnuts into a plastic and then use a rolling pin to crush the walnuts into pieces.


Blend all the walnuts crashes, black sesames and white sesames, sugar into a bowl.


—For the combination

Use one of your finger to stick the paste with a hole, if the hole stays the same then it means okay.


The finished paste should be like honeycomb.


Exhaust the extra air of the paste, and knead it to dough.

big dough

Separate the dough into several little dough,  for each one 30g.

little dough

Use a rolling pin to make them into wrappers.


Wrap the fillings into the wrappers.


Wrap it like dumplings, and after done squeeze it with your palm.


Brush a layer of water and dip in coco powder.

coco powder

Paint evenly with your hands.

paint coco powder

—For the bake

Put them into a steamer which was previously brushed with a layer of oil. As well as make mushroom roots with the left dough and put them into the steamer too.


After several minutes, fill in the steamer with water, and put the dough onto the water; and next, bake for 10 minutes after the water is boiling. But mention that, do not eagerly open the steam, otherwise, braise them for 4 – 5 minutes.


Cut the back of the mushroom bread into a little hole.

dig a hole

Plug in the mushroom roots into the holes. after that a little mushroom is finished. Just looks like a real mushroom? Haha…

a mushroom

Reflections about making mushroom bread

Haha…see? If you make the mushroom breads and other real vegetables stay together, can you recognize the fake mushroom???? Hahaha…

real or false

In a word, you just can’t believe it, right? Nevertheless, provided you open the mushroom, you can see the fillings of walnuts and sesames and brown sugar,  which taste so sweet and flavor,  it makes me think I must instantly eat one as soon as possible. However, it is for sure that it’s the satisfaction of making mushroom bread myself that makes my day!! Whatever,How about you?

mushroom breads