The Gospel For Cheese Lovers – Square Mocha Cheese Cake

The cheese cake – Rumor has it that the real foodies can accept the dense flavor of cheese cake. He or she can taste the unique cheese flavor and find it irresistible. While the cheese cake displays perfectly the dense and soft taste of cheese. People who love cheese cake would feel that every bite of the cake can reach their soul deep place. The smooth taste and softness are where the beauty lies and can not be replaced by any other taste. Therefore, for the people who are heavily relying on cheese, those days are like deathless without living life if there is no cheese aside. And how could be life lived through without cheese?

cheese cake

Efficacies of square mocha cheese cake

Cheese is a kind of condensed milk product. That is to say, cheese contains the same nutrients with milk. The high vitamin A in cheese is able to improve the ability of our human body to resist diseases. And, cheese could protect our eye sight and keep our skin smooth and healthy. Next, the high content of vitamin B in cheese is likely to give our human body’s metabolism an instant boost. Last but not the least, the lactic acid bacteria in cheese can sustain our human body’s health and is beneficial for the stability and balance in our intestinal canal. In addition, cheese contains lower cholesterol. Thus, it could be inferred that proper intake of cheese will have positive functions to the health of blood vessels and heart.

Recipe for 8 inch square mocha cheese cake

Main ingredients:

Cheese          500g

Original yogurt   100g

Eggs            180g

Black chocolate   120g

Plain flour        10g

Digestive biscuits   200g

Butter           90g

Supplemented ingredients:

Rum            30g

Coco powder     20g

Instant coffee powder 6g

Sugar           120g


For the base:

Prepare and measure all the ingredients first. And then, dissolve the instant coffee powder into the milk.

Package the digestive biscuits into the plastic wrap, and crush them with a rolling pin. And then, mix them with softened butter and stir into paste. Cover the cake mold with paste freshly prepared. And next, flat it with the back of a spoon. Put it into the fridge for later use.

Heat cheese over hot water or heat in an oven until it is soft. And pour in sugar.

Beat cheese with an electric egg beater until it is smooth.

Pour in rum, coffee and yogurt in such an order and beat evenly with the electric egg beater.

Mix the flour and coco powder and then sift them into the cheese paste.

Beat the mixture again with an electric egg beater until utterly mixed.

for the base

For the bake:

Dice the black chocolate and heat over hot water. And stir continuously until the black chocolate is totally melted.

Pour in a half cheese paste into the melted black chocolate. Blend it until utterly combined.

Pour back the chocolate cheese into the cheese paste bowl. And stir evenly.

Take out the mold with biscuit base, then, pour the cheese paste into the mold.

Place the mold into the pan, and then infuse the pan with hot water.

Put the pan into the oven of 320 F degrees at the medium level, and next, bake for 90 – 100 minutes until the centre of the cake is fluffy.

Put the cake in cool place after baking. And then put it into the fridge for 4 hours and then demold. Cut it into 16- 25 pieces for eating.

for the bake

Tips for the square mocha cheese cake

  1. Choose pure instant coffee powder. You can not replace coffee powder with sugar and creamer in. But if you replace it with 100g espresso, it can’t be better!
  2. To bake cheese cake with the method of water infused into the pan, it is able to keep the taste of the cake wet and avoid of cracking on the surface. However, the method takes long time due to that it would be able to drop the temperature in the oven.
  3. Cut the ingredients in half, it could make a 6 inch round cake. And the baking time could be shortened to 1 hour.