I like the sweetness of chocolate, and also like the dense fragrance of cheese. And I bet no one would dislike them.

When you want to eat chocolate, you can make a tasty brownie, which has a dense and thick flavor, and the procedure is so easy that needs no complex whipping. It is said that its born origins from a failed chocolate cake, but unexpectedly yummy. Although it has not a fluffy flavor, but it can reveal fully and vividly of the delicacy in chocolate.

To coordinate with brownie, it is necessary to choose a way to make cheese with a strong and solid flavor, for cheese cake might vary in taste and flavor in terms of the amount and making of cheese. Dense cheese has a thick tissue and moisture mouthfeel which better fits brownie, and why not let them be together?

The dual delicacy of brownie and cheese would make you hard to forget their taste full of aroma. So this cake is much better in line with people who love dense taste.

Today’s cake coordinates cheese with brownie, makes people who taste them have a multielement mouthfeel, and the cheese has some kind of a similarity with pudding, however the brownie under the bottom has a thick savory with a marble, very interesting!

Marble cheesecake brownies


A.Brownie: 50g butter, 45g dark chocolate, 20g caster sugar, 40g egg wash, 20g original yogurt, 25g high protein flour, 25g low protein flour
B.Cheesecake: 200g cream cheese, 25g caster sugar, 60g egg wash, few droplets of vanilla extract, 60g original yogurt
C.Marble: 5g dark chocolate, 2g butter

B1. Soften cream cheese in the ingredients of cheesecake under room temperature
A1. Chop butter into cubes and put them in a pot, add in dark chocolate, infuse with hot water to the larger outside pot, mingle the mixture continuously until butter and dark chocolate completely melt
A2. Stir in caster sugar, stay still of the pot in order to quicken the melt of sugar
A3. Take out the pot from hot water, stir in yogurt and egg wash
A4. Sift powders and into step of A3. I’d like to sift several times thus more air can be involved into the powders. However brownie needs not many times to sift for it is not a puffy mouthfeel
A5. Scrape powders and chocolate/butter paste with a knife, and brownie paste takes shape
A6. Pour the brownie paste into the cake mold, flat the surface of the paste with a knife, put it into the preheat oven to 356F and bake for 16 minutes
A7. After paste takes shape, take it out from the oven

B2. Heat softened cream cheese of step B1 over hot water, and beat with an egg beater
B3. Add caster sugar, whip with an egg beater until smooth and fine, better over hot water for speed
B4. Add eggs and vanilla extract
B5. Whip evenly with an egg beater, thus to shape dense and smooth cheese paste
B6. Finally add yogurt
B7. Pour the cheesecake paste on the cooked brownie cake after the brownie cake cools
B8. Shake a few times of the cake mold by holding it in your hands, in order to let go of the inner bubbles

C1. Add butter and dark chocolate into a little container, melt them to state of A1 over hot water, and as time as the cheese paste is moisture, pour the chocolate liquid on the cheese surface, and instantly use a toothpick to pull of the chocolate liquid and shape whatever you like
C2. Put back the mold into the middle level of the oven, 320F and bake for approximately 30 minutes until cheesecake utterly takes shape and there is no liquid flowing inside by pressing with your finger
C3. Let cool naturally, refrigerate for more than 4 hours


1.The amount of powder is plenty in brownie, plus chocolate, the whole paste would be dense and thick and sticky, so that powders shall be sifted per several times, and every time stir evenly after the next procedure. However the amount of brownie would seem like a bit less, but it is just right after adding cheese, so it is all right to flat the surface using a knife
2.Better bake two times of the bottom brownie each with a long time, so the first time shall not be too over. The middle surface of the brownie after first baking would crack, but it doesn’t matter, the cracked surface would shrink after cooling, you need only press lightly with a spoon, and it won’t be seen after pouring cheese paste on
3.This cake contains high calories, please diet people be cautious