No need to bake with oven, this is the easiest dessert recipe for most beginners, what else can you find for easy dessert making? And what are you waiting for? Just start it right now.

Lemon cheese cake

Lemon cheese cake

To make it, there is no need to use oven, what’s more, there is no special request for the whipping extent of the cream and the expanding extent of the cake, thus it’s appropriate for beginners who love dessert making and have no oven. And I have built my confidence from making cheese cake.

Actually the recipe is not complicated for beginners. And the special thing about the recipe is it needs no oven. And I think that is very easy to make a cake cause you need not worry about controlling the time and heating. blahblahblah…

Ingredients:<for 8 inches cake base>
250gr cream cheese 250ml light cream, 120gr wholewheat biscuits, 5ogr butter, half lemon<30ml>, 60 sugar, 15gr gelatin, 1 egg<use egg yolk only>

For the cake base:
1.Package the biscuits into 2 levels plastic wrap, roll it into chips
2.Melt the butter by water-jacket heating mode
3.Add the butter into the chips, mix well
4.Put the chips into the mould, press it hard using a spoon, freeze

For the cheese paste:
1.Soften the cheese under room temperature one hour ahead of time, cut cheese into cubes, put them into a bowl, set over simmering water, whip until it’s smooth
2.40gr sugar and egg yolk into the cheese paste, stir
3.Squeeze out 30ml lemon juice
4.Add gelatin and 2 tablespoons hot water into a bowl, melt, then add lemon juice, mix
5.Add the mixture of step 4 into the cheese paste, stir and cool down
6.Take out the light cream from the fridge and into a big bowl, add the rest 20gr sugar, whip until 60% done
7.Add well-whipped cream per several times into cheese paste, gently mix from bottom to top
8.Take out the clotted cake base, pour the cheese paste into it, smooth the surface, and cover with a plastic wrap, freeze for at least 3 hours

1.set over simmering water when whipping the cheese, water shall be stabilized between 158F-176F, no need to keep warming
2.If you hope to take out the cake completely, better use movable mould, after take it out from the freezer, wrap it with a warm towel for 1 minute, or blow it for seconds with a hair drier, and it would be much easier to demould. If you have no mould, use deep bowl or plate, bottle would be okay too.
3. Remember not to freeze light cream, but keep in cold storage. And it only can be preserved for up to one week.
4.Cake that is made following the recipe would be a little softer, if you like harder, better reduce the cheese and cream to 200ml, or increase the gelation to 20gr or so.