Eat sweets, keep fit

Quite a lot of girls like to eat sweets, but sweets happen to be the taboo of people who are trying to keep fit, actually eat snacks smart and you won’t be afraid of putting on weight.

The best time to eat sweets: according to nutritionists, around ten o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the afternoon would be the best time to eat dessert. At this period of time people can eliminate fatigue,adjust mood and relieve stress by eating appropriately a little dessert. However, only to a point. High-calorie desserts should be eaten after dinner, and better avoid eating dessert with an empty stomach except early morining and forenoon for the reason that calorie is best absorbed on an empty belly and you will eat too much unconsciously. High-calorie snacks such as cheese cake are better eaten after dinner for they can be digested along with with food fiber in your diet, therefore less calories will be absorbed and you won’t eat too much.

The forbidden time to eat sweets: it is really dangerous to eat sweets before going to sleep at night, the sugars in sweets must metabolize through movement, if you eat sweets and immediately go to sleep, these sugars are not well consumed and it will be converted to your fat on you belly.

Selecting your partner with sweets: snacks could be sweet but none the less fatty if scientifically matched. For example, whole wheat bread is a good choice with fruits, while wheat fiber and fruit fiber in them are able to maintain a good figure, traces of sugar does not cause weight gain, besides, drinking water after eating bread also facilitates digestion of our stomach, avoids accumulation of fat. Of course balance bread with mint tea or Pu’er tea will be good too, for Pu’er tea itself has a function of degreasing, it is the same with mint tea or foaming soda water, which can increase your feeling of fullness and prevent you from eating too much.

When eating cookies, better mix with some vegetables or sour fruits that are able to reduce sweetness and intake. Feel free to mix them however you want, but better control the total daily intake of sugar at 50g or less so that you can keep a good body.

A lot more exercises shall be done if you eat too much. Less activities, less desserts. But, a holiday would become the peak time to eat sweets for many people. When you are at home and feel relaxed, you are about to eat many desserts accidentally, nest at home and obesity will naturally come on its way.

If the total daily consumption of sugar exceeds 50g, then eat one more 50g, we can try to take another 45 minutes’exercises. According to this, provided we eat half a 9 ich cake negligently, then we should go for a tennis play or climb mountains over two hours. And do not think that we can eat much if we do sports, sports is only a way to remedy, the key to a good figure is controlling your mouth from eating.

How much is safe to eat sweets: Generally speaking, it would be best that dessert accounts for 10% to 20% of daily calories our bodies need, low activities, eat less, more activities you can eat more. Currently a lot of desserts for sale have labelled calories and nutrition, and take reference of some books will also get some knowledges about caloric value of desserts.

If digitize the calorie of snacks, the allowable range of dessert calorie is between 150 to 200 calories for people with low activities, 250 to 300 calories for people with moderate exercises, whereas 400 to 500 calories for people with high amount of exercises. Certainly, the range of dessert calorie has a relationship with body weight, personal physique and calorie intake of three meals, it should be designed and adjusted according to the individual circumstance and meals strategy.

Eat sweets slowly: the faster you eat snacks, the higher the blood sugar rises, calories is unable to consume and it would stay in your body and become fat. Therefore, eat sweets slowly will help consuming calories and be beneficial to your mood stability.

Do not eat sweets when you are tired: eat sweets will consume vitamin B in your body, do not eat them when you are tired for it makes you more tired and gain weight invisibly.

Safety sweets portions:
Cheese cake: 1/3 slice
Tiramisu: 1/2 slice
Cream cake: 1 slice with a small amount of cream
Sweet bread: 1 and small
Hamburger or hot dog: 1/2
Doughnut: 1
Sandwich: 1/2
Cookie: soda cracker 30g; ordinary biscuit: 4-5 pieces
butter biscuit: 2-3 pieces; sanwich biscuit: 3 pieces
wafer biscuit: 3 pieces;
Chocolate pie: 1
Jelly: 2 cups
Japanese dessert<small>: 2
Egg yolk cake: 1/2
Pineapple cake: 1