Is it possible to use tooth paste in place of frosting when baking a cake?

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Is it feasible to utilize tooth paste instead of icing when cooking a cake?



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Sure, and for an unique reward, blend some warm sauce in it. Yum! If you desired to prank somebody yet they will certainly inform the mint,


— I presume. Tooth paste isn ' t implied to be ingested.

— Also, tooth paste isn ' t implied to be ingested.

— of course, you can utilize whatever you prefer to frost your cake – tooth paste consisted of … will individuals wish to consume it? open to question!

— It ' s feasible, yet it won ' t preference excellent.

— Yes, giants like such gross points given that giants wear ' t have close friends.

— Possible? Yes. A great idea? Heck, no.

— Are you delighting a dental expert?

— certain its feasible yet not advised.

— THAT would certainly be exceptionally gross